Don’t Diss the Pretty

Some women prefer hunky men with an impressive right-hook who can lift heavy objects, eat their body weight in food and bench press 300-pounders. Think of a Hugh Jackman / every guy on the Jersey Shore type. I would like to believe that there is an equal amount of women who have nothing against the slighter-built guys who have perfect hair and always dress to impress.

Whenever I use the word pretty to describe a man in Hollywood (or any guy for that matter), I am constantly met with quizzical looks. My mother in particular cannot fathom why anyone would think that it’s a compliment to call a guy pretty. I have had to reiterate myself countless times: there is a difference between hot, handsome and pretty. And there are some guys who are just pretty.

I for one prefer the pretty.  I see nothing wrong with a guy who shops at Express, has a closet full of v-necks and is not afraid to wear pink. It’s called looking classy, ladies and gentlemen, and I think that that is hot.

Exhibit A: Zac Efron. The man is pretty. I use him as my example every single time I am asked to explain myself. Sparkling baby blues and perfectly styled hair all wrapped up in a six-pack and a keen sense of fashion, seriously, how can you complain about that? He’s just pretty to look at, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Exhibit B: Ed Westwick. I’ve found that a consistent number of the over 40 crowd (my mother in particular, again) find him to be considerably unattractive. I see a few reasons for this. One, he plays a douche bag on Gossip Girl. Two, some may find his husky voice is creepy. But hello, he has an English accent. Your argument is invalid. Three, he’s pretty. Plain and simple.

Does my tendency to go for the pretty guy have something to do with my track record always talking to the gay guys at a party? Sure. But I see nothing wrong liking the pretty. Prepare yourself, Mom, even if I don’t end up with a pretty guy, your future son will definitely be rocking the v-necks and skinny jeans.


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