the writer

Hola, the name’s Kate. I’m a fan of trashy teen soaps, violent slasher flicks, and teeny-bopper boyfriends. Basically a mish-mosh of things.

I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, with a degree in magazine journalism. I have homeland pride (go Hawkeyes), so no hate for the Land O’Corn. It is heaven after all.

I have been an aspiring writer basically for forever. This blog was originally an assignment for my magazine writing class, however, I decided to keep it going after the class ended. I have accepted my obsession with pop culture today and turned it into something useful: a blog where I can freely express my love and hate for anything having to do with that trashy, glamorous place known as Hollywood.

Television is in very many ways my life and my greatest escape. I have accepted this somewhat pathetic part of my personality. I watch an inordinate amount of tv. And I’m damn proud of it.

I watch more television than doctor recommended, become unnaturally attached to fictional couples & single-handedly keep the movie theatre industry in business.

I’m the love-child of Chandler Bing and Cristina Yang.
I’m shamelessly in love with a British boybander.
I’m inherently bitter but i love love.
I’ve mastered the art of the Quinn Fabray bitch face.
I possess a Stiles Stilinski level of sarcasm.
Seth Cohen is my soul mate.
High school musical is very important to me.


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