Battle of the Boys: Who is the Right Guy for Quinn Fabray?

Glee’s second season was mostly a hot mess. But there was one line in particular that bothered me. In last season’s finale, a distraught Quinn tearfully said to pals, Brittany and Santana, “I just want someone to love me.” Um, I’m pretty sure Quinn has had the most “serious” relationships out of all the gleeks and has had not one, not two, but three guys admit that they love her in the past two years. And they were all popular football players. She’s clearly a jersey-chaser that Quinn.

My two cents? I personally don’t think she could go wrong with either of the three. I will forever be a Fuinn fan first, although I have accepted the fact that they will never be endgame. But with RIB calling the shots, we never know what the hell is going to happen. However, there is something just so oddly sweet about Quick and since I cannot have my Fuinn, I am fully supportive of a Quick reunion [which seems highly likely this year]. On the other hand, I also loved how sickingly sweet Fabrevans was.

Well, let’s pretend that Chord never got the boot and Sam was for sure returning to McKinley High. Which of these lovely gentlemen is the one for Miss Fabray? 

Finn Hudson


  • Fireworks. ‘Nuff said.
  • Finn’s the only one of three who has explicitly said that he loved her.
  • He didn’t care about her past as “Lucy Caboosy” (though, granted, we really didn’t get to see the reactions from the other two)
  • He defends her against other glee club members, mostly Rachel and Puck.


  • Quinn cheated on him.
  • Finn’s clearly in love with Rachel, too.
  • Whether it was the pregnancy hormones or not, Quinn was kind of a bitch to him.



  • They have a baby, remember? No? It’s okay, no one does these days anyways.
  • “We’re baking!”
  • Rewatch “Beth” in “Theatricality.”


  • Their baby was conceived out of a one-night-stand. And Quinn told Finn that she made a mistake with Puck and he should’ve been her first.
  • They [seemingly] have barely talked for a year

Sam Evans


  • He gave one of the cutest speeches ever when he presented her with the promise ring. It may have been a tad premature, seeing as they had only been dating for a few weeks, but sweet nonetheless.
  • Sam was probably the best boyfriend to Quinn out of the three.
  • Quinn supported him and his family after they lost their home.


  • Quinn cheated on him.

5 thoughts on “Battle of the Boys: Who is the Right Guy for Quinn Fabray?

  1. M says:

    I think you might have forgotten one of the most important Quick scenes, which is the one at the hospital where Quinn asks Puck if he loved her and he replies “Yes, especially now.”
    She also dated both Finn and Sam for popularity and was reluctant to date Puck exactly for that reason (“You’re a Lima loser”, “I’ll go to my grave swearing it’s [the baby] Finn’s” etc.). Finn and Sam were perfect boyfriends, popular, nice while Puck is the opposite. But he fought for it and proved her that he was actually a good dude and reliable.
    There’s a reason why she didn’t feel loved or actually happy while she had Sam’s promise ring or Finn as a boyfriend. Plus honestly, I don’t even want Finn to be close to her after what he said to her after the funeral and also after the whole prom fiasco.

    So yes, I think Puck is the right guy for Quinn. And obviously not just because Chord is gone and Finn is crazy about Rachel (and obviously endgame).

    • Amanda says:

      Ok I’m sorry but with Sam, Quinn proved it wasn’t all about popularity in the end with him, she wanted to be with him but it was too late, the damage was done.

      I have nothing against Puck, I like him. I’m just saying it wasn’t all about popularity with Sam.

  2. Rebecca White says:

    I feel Sam was the best because:

    1. With Sam being new he had never seen her when she was mean and cruel so all he saw was the real nice Quinn.

    2. he didn’t care what she had done with Puck, he decided that that didn’t matter because he knew how she felt about it.

    3. she was the happiest with him, she smiles the most. He made her laugh with his voices and movie things.

    4. when she was with him there wasn’t this obsession with prom king and queen.

    5. The went to the same church

    6. She helped him during “Rumors.” She would babysit with him while he parents went to look for jobs and she also helped Sam by doing what he wanted and not telling anyone

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