My Ideal Television Family

Parents: Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights (Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton)

I can think of no other perfect parental unit than the Taylors of FNL. They occasionally get into arguments but always make up by the episode’s end. They compromise and make decisions with each other’s best interests at heart. The Southern accents would have to go, though.

Siblings: Nathan Young, Misfits (Robert Sheehan) & Quinn Fabray, Glee (Dianna Agron)

Nathan’s got an ASBO and you know, gets tricked into sleeping with 82-year-olds. Quinn can’t stop cheating on her boyfriends and there was that whole got-pregnant-with-boyfriend’s-best-friend thing. No matter what I do I would look great in comparison. To 99.9% of the world, Nathan is an ass. Case in point. But to the few he actually cares about, he’s fiercely loyal. And anyways, it would be killer to have a bro with an Irish accent. Quinn’s got a closet full of Anthropologie and Free People dresses/cardigans and any nice big sister would let me raid said closet every day, right? These two would be perfect older siblings. Quinn’s Queen Bee and thanks to a magical icestorm, Nathan’s immortal! Both of them would kick the crap out of anyone who did me wrong.

Best Friends: Cassie Ainsworth, Skins UK (Hannah Murray) & Seth Cohen, The OC (Adam Brody)

Cassie is a flighty, anorexic airhead who says, “wow” and “lovely” far too much. Pretty much a total trainwreck. She never really had a best friend on Skins and she constantly got screwed over on the show. But you’ve got to admit that would make for an interesting friend. I’m also hoping her accent would rub off on me. [I’m big on accents if you can’t tell] Seth’s a geek, plain and simple. But he’s geek chic. He dresses classy, loves Star Wars and can whip out movie quotes like it’s nobody’s business. I’m thinking we would be those typical television friends who eventually get together. I’d be totally on board with that.

Regarding the Glee GQ Controversy…

Since everyone and their dog seems to have spoken their mind regarding the recent controversial GQ photo shoot that featured three members of the cast of Glee, I thought it was time to throw my opinion into the mix.

First things first, argue what you want, but Glee is not a family show. It may have the 7 p.m. timeslot, but it is still not appropriate for young children. The first season included everything from premature ejaculation, talk about gag reflexes, “sexting”, a teen pregnancy storyline and three of the main characters are known for their promiscuous natures (Puck, Santana and Brittany).

Since Glee has many similar qualities as the High School Musical series, it’s presumable that there was significant carry over from HSM to Glee.  Musical numbers aside, the two franchises are nothing like each other. With HSM, it was clear that Kenny Ortega et al were very conscious of their younger audience. It took nearly two films for Troy and Gabriella to kiss, there was no swearing and even the stereotypical mean-blonde, Sharpay, nowhere close to evil. Yes, there are going to be drastic differences between something shown on the Disney Channel and on FOX, but Glee is obviously geared toward at least 13+ teens.

If I was a parent of a younger child who watches Glee, I can see how these pictures might be an issue. The pictures were shot in a high school setting and Lea Michele and Dianna Agron were wearing what could be characterized as “school-girl” outfits. Cory Monteith was also pictured playing the drums, a trait of his character, Finn. I understand how the photos could be misconstrued as them representing their characters. The provocative poses and choice of dress/props were certainly out of character for their respective roles. Personally, I didn’t go there. They don’t look like high schools students to begin with. The Parents Television Council needs to take a chill pill. The actors are ages 28 and 24, well beyond the age to qualify as victims of child porn. GQ’s primary audience is also males ages 18-49; I’m betting there was no complaints about the scantily clad actresses.

Dianna has since issued an explanation on her Tumblr. She wrote,

Now, in perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotionsI am sorry. If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention. And if your 8-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there?”

My thoughts exactly.

Participating in the photo shoot was probably not the smartest move by any of the three actors, but what’s done is done. The whole thing has been blown so out of proportion. Lea, Cory and Dianna are adults. They perfectly in their right to show some skin during a photo shoot. Taylor Momsen flashed the crowd at her latest concert. Miley is grinding and dry humping in her music videos. Stars acting raunchy is not something new. People, it’s time to move on.

Five Best TV-Music Moments

You know those moments when the right piece music comes together with the right scene and it creates a blend of auditory and visual perfection? I live for those moments. Music has always been a big part of my life and it always plays a part in my overall assessment of a film or television program. These are the scenes that I constantly replay for the fabulous combo of acting and music. I literally got goose bumps and teared-up while re-watching the YouTube videos…for the millionth time, yes, I know how pathetic I am.

Hide and Seek, The O.C. –> Marissa shoots Trey to save Ryan. Cue Imogen Heap

Lean On Me, Glee –> The gang shows their support for Finn & Quinn

Stumbling to Bethlehem, Joan of Arcadia –> Joan believes that she has been imagining her encounters with God
(starts around 4:35)

Stolen, Scrubs –> Elliott gets engaged, drama ensues

Angel, Dawson’s Creek –> Jen records a video for her daughter


One blustery winter morning in 2004, my sister and I were lucky enough to have been blessed with a snow day. Midway through an intense AIM convo on the family computer, I was interrupted by my sister yelling, “Kate, what’s a condom?”

Yes, I attended Catholic school, but I was also extremely jaded and blissfully naïve. I had no idea what a condom was. I vividly remember typing the fated word into Google and receiving a bevy of information and photographs that gave me my answer and more. Looking back, I wonder if it really was LimeWire that crashed our computer…

I couldn’t imagine what kind of television program my sister was watching. This definitely wasn’t the Disney Channel. Nope. It was TBS reruns of Dawson’s Creek. I watched the remainder of the episode, which I later found out was 2.11 “Sex She Wrote.” Teenage drama, cheesy dialogue and boys giving monologues that profess their undying affection? Forget CSI and American Idol, I was hooked.

The walls of my room became peppered with Dawson’s Creek posters, eating up ink cartridges by the carton. I started a list of quotes I liked. I choreographed a dance to the theme song “I Don’t Want to Wait.” I even embarrassingly created my own character on the Creek, Kahle Weaverling. Yes, I am aware that this is pathetic.

I began setting tapes to record the show so I could watch after school. I purchased the first season on dvd so I could watch it from the beginning. I would countdown the days to the subsequent dvd releases and on most occasions, my mom would buy the dvd and have it waiting in the car when she picked me up from school. Gotta love mothers.

After some serious Wikipedia research, I realized that everything the critics had hated was everything I loved. I loved how the highschoolers spoke like learned scholars. I loved the sly sexual innuendos that the writers came up with to bypass network protocol. I’d like to think that’s where I got some of my wit. But most of all, I loved the will-they-won’t-they couple of Dawson and Joey. Pacey was good for a few one-liners but I never got all the Josh Jackson hype. I was never a fan of Jen either, but that might be due to my odd universal hatred of curly-blond haired actresses on tv shows. In fact, I disliked every character that threw a wrench in the DJ mechanism. I was a hardcore shipper and I was confident that my ship would sail all the way to the finale.

These were the days before I became a devoted reader of spoilers, so I walked into the show completely blind. During their countless fights I remained a very Dawson-like hopeless romantic, certain that DJ would reign triumphant in the end. My world was inevitably rocked the night I watched the Creek finale in its entirety for the first time. I cried uncontrollably, threw stuff at the screen and cursed Joey Potter for her poor choice in judgment.

If I ask myself what my favorite television show of all-time is, three titles immediately come to mind: Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Lost. OTH started out wonderful and if the show was anything like it used to be, it might have taken the title. Lost has to be one of the most beautifully crafted shows I’ve ever watched. I can’t fathom how people can say that the finale was not one of the finest two hours of television ever.

But if I look deep down to my core, there will always be a soft spot for the show that started my hideously long record of doomed couples. The show that had such precocious dialogue like, “Feelings and emotions have an inexplicable way of manifesting themselves in subconscious and not always self-aware behavior.”  The first show I obsessed over. The first show that I owned on dvd. The first show to severely piss me off. The show that ultimately made me love television.

I guess the Creek was right, “It’s the end of something simple…and the beginning of everything else.”


One Tree Hill : Season 8, September 14 @ 7 – The CW

There are so many things I would like to see happen in One Tree Hill’s eighth season.  However, I have learned over the years that Mark Schwahn and Co. and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to this series. I have a feeling that OTH will continue its downward slide to Television That Sucks. It really pains me to see how bad this show has become.  If I had my way, the show would have ended at the end of season four. I haven’t really been “wowed” by an episode of OTH since then.

I sincerely hope this is the final season of OTH and this is coming from a long-time fan of the series. Unless the writers can magically get Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton to return, the show needs to cut its losses and call it quits. I can already imagine a lackluster series finale and it’s a shame. The writers have proved to us that they are better than this.

Since I have such low expectations for this season, I really don’t have a lot of requests:

  • The show cannot afford to lose any more of the original cast members. If Haley leaves, the show just needs to end there. Without Haley, we lose the heart of the show. Without Haley, we have no Naley.
  • Get rid of the excess characters, which include the following: Clay, Quinn, Grubbs, British Chick, Psycho Katie, Mouth/Skill’s girlfriend and Alex. I have learned to deal with Mouth and Skills as permanent cast members, but that’s as much as I can handle. I would rather see the main characters of Nathan, Haley and Brooke get good storylines than see the whole cast get run-of-the-mill material.
  • Earth to Mark Schwahn: For four wonderful seasons you created a solid drama series that not only had quality acting and writing but heart. So few shows today have heart and you lost it.

So long, One Tree Hill, it was nice knowing you. But if things don’t drastically improve, if might be time for us to make our separate ways.


90210 – Season 3, September 13 @ 7 – The CW

When I tell people I watch 90210 I usually get quizzical looks in return. Either A) They have only heard of it’s prequel Beverly Hills 90210 and are confused about why it’s still on air or B) They have heard the countless reviews and opinions that the new 90210 overstayed its welcome on television by episode 2.

Ever since Nip / Tuck’s lackluster series finale, 90210 has become my guilty pleasure series.  Is the writing Pulitzer Prize worthy? Absolutely not. Is the acting Emmy worthy? Nowhere near. So why do I put myself through 40-some-odd-minutes of mediocrity? The show is chock full of pretty people with such far fetched drama-filled problems that my own sitcom of a life seems relatively normal.

The first season was admittedly pretty sucky, but it was at least marginally better than the new Melrose Place. But I was actually pleasantly surprised with their sophomore season.  Even with the departure of heartthrob Ethan and the addition of unneeded useless new characters, 90210 definitely improved in its second season. Can they keep the trend going and maybe have a *gasp* decent third season? Here’s what I would like to see happen this year on 90210:

  • After Ethan left and killed my hopes of he and Annie ending up together, I put all my hopes in Dixon and Silver…and of course, they broke up.  Typical. Going into season three, I have fully hitched my support sails to the Liam/Annie ship. I think I am going to get what I want here. The way the show is going, I fully predict that Lannie will happen in some context – we’ve still got the Naomi and Jasper characters that could throw a wrench in the mechanism. I’m only assuming that because it’s been confirmed that Teddy’s coming out of the closet, Teddy and Silver are effectively dunzo. But you never know what could happen in TV Land.

  • The car crash/killing a hobo storyline needs to be wrapped asap. It’s gone on for forever and quite frankly I could give a crap anymore. Annie needs to man up and confess or if (most likely) there is some sudden twist to the event, make it worth our while. I’m not going to buy a “the hobo was already dead and Annie hit a tree branch” excuse. Let loose those creative floodgates, writers.
  • Even though it’s sometimes needed, I hate it when shows continually bring in new characters to “shake things up.” I generally end up hating them all and new people have a tendency to break up the couples that I support. Ivy has served her purpose of coming between Liam and Naomi and making Dixon realize he should be with Silver. Her time is up. After Liam (hopefully) breaks up with Silver, he has no ties to any other character. His time is up. Let them go, please.