Au Revoir, Zayn

tumblr_mxwws5NoWH1ra1ly1o1_r1_500My boyband loving heart is in mourning. Battle cry voice: Zaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyn.

You know when you look at someone and just think, “Damn son. Congrats on your face”? Yup. That’s Zayn.
<—— *taylor swift voice* Oh my God, look at that face!

In the era of “FOUR” the band has been whittled down to…well, four. If you haven’t heard, One Direction member, Zayn Malik, officially announced to leaving the band this morning. All of the boys have quality voices, but in my opinion, Zayn’s was a little notch above the others. He was often the one they used to do the impressive riffs before the end chorus, much like Amber Riley in Glee.

His departure comes as both a complete shock and a completely understandable decision. Zayn has often said he has a more difficult time with all the paparazzi and lack of privacy, however, I guess I always just figured that when the time came they’d all quit together. It would be a sad day, but One Direction isn’t One Direction without all five original members. Today is that sad day.

It’s sad, but it’s also completely understandable. Ever since the boys started their reign (nearly 5 years ago), they’ve been worked overtime without any kind of substantial break. Add in being in the public eye and constant pressure, that’d beat anyone down. As much as my 1D loving heart is broken, I’m also truly impressed that he had the guts to make this move. Kudos, Zayn, for staying true to you. Is it too early to ask whether or not tickets are going to be cheaper now? Yup. Too soon too soon.

While we sit here and grieve, treat your ears to this collection of Zayn’s best vocals.

The Awkward, Obligatory One Direction Post


I’d like to tell you a story of woe aka my descent into madness via the One Direction Infection. It all started with a typical night of browsing YouTube when a banner promoting “What Makes You Beautiful” popped up on my screen. “Oh, that guy in the red pants is really pretty,” I thought, “Let’s click on this video.” Pressing play that fateful March night was simultaneously the best and worst decision of my life.

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