he’s chuck bass.


I love Chuck Bass. Amen. There is nothing better than the resident bad boy on a tv series, and Chuck Bass is the epitome of awesome. First of all, his clothes are just too classy for words. I think he’s the only guy I’ve seen who can rock a purple suit and a pink bowtie and still look amazing. His little bouffant hairdo is just the cherry on top of the man cake that is Chuck Bass. Whether it’s that ridiculous silk robe he dons after getting some lovin or the sparkly suit he wore to prom, Mr. Bass always manages to look sharp.

Chuck also manages to get all of the best one-liners on Gossip Girl. His simple reply of, “I’m…Chuck Bass” just makes me smile. He’s so BA it’s incredible. His husky voice may have some under the impression that he is a creeper to the nth degree but it fits perfectly with his character. By the way, actor Ed Westwick is a native Londoner, and he hides the English accent to a tee (unlike other Brits we all know *cough* Robert Pattinson *cough*).

Yes. Chuck Bass is manipulative, cunning, and ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants (and always gets what he wants because he’s Chuck Bass) but another thing I love about his character is that he is well balanced. He has his not-so-nice side but he is also incredibly loyal to his friends and extremely dedicated to his girlfriend, and seriously, who didn’t watch in anticipation and cheer at the screen when he FINALLY professed his undying affection for Blair. *sigh* I’m seriously in love.

I tune in every Monday at 8:00 to watch the drama unfold on the Upper East Side, but mostly I just enjoy watching Chuck Bass do his thing. I really cannot healthily explain why Chuck Bass makes my night every Monday…well he’s Chuck Bass.

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