Favorite Songs, Glee-Season Two

The season two songs with the highest play-count in my iTunes are probably most people’s least favorites. I, for one, loved the original songs, two of which made the list. I don’t claim that these are the “best” covers of the season, or else “Friday” would be here because at least Glee‘s version was bearable. But these are my personal favorite songs from season 2, and as you can tell from my choices, I enjoyed the spring the season considerably more than the fall season.

5. Light Up the World

Amidst an episode chock full of Finchel (which I despise), there was this little gem, the group number for the glee club’s nationals performance. It may be pure Cheez-Wiz and it’s a little far-fetched to believe that this was written by them the day before competition, but “Light Up the World” is still my favorite song from the finale.

4. Firework

I am also generally not a fan of Rachel solos…I know, that’s pretty much Glee blasphemy. I enjoyed Lea Michele’s cover of “Firework” for two reasons: First, there was the return of season 1-Rachel, singing into her hairbrush. Second, the song played in perfectly with her conversation with Finn. I interpreted this song as her way of giving a metaphorical middle-finger to Finn, saying she doesn’t need him to be great. Of course, that’s not the truth, as she becomes the needy ex for the remainder of the season, but it was a nice thought at the time.

3. I Feel Pretty / Unpretty 

Like many others, I fully predicted that this mash-up was going to be horrific and another example for fans to use in their claim that Dianna Agron can’t sing. Pairing one of the strongest singers with one of the weakest singers seemed to be a risky concept. But to my very great surprise, the song was not only gorgeous, but the way it was used in context of the episode was perfect, it added another dimension to Quinn and paved the way for a possible Faberry friendship in the future.

2. Loser Like Me

If Glee and High School Musical hooked up, this would be their child. And as a fan of both, I cannot complain. In season one’s finale, I got chills during New Directions’ regionals performance of “Don’t Stop Believing” and I got that same feeling when they threw their confetti slushies at the end. I fully understand that the two songs vary completely on the scale of epicness. And I don’t care.

1. Blame It On the Alcohol

I will be the first to admit that in terms of quality, this is not a good cover and it fairly resembles something you would find on a Kidz Bop album. But for some reason, I flove this version and this is coming from somebody who also floves the original, it’s my pregame jam. Perhaps, like the glee club, I had a few too many Bloody Marys. But you have to admit, Sam looks pretty fly in his shades.

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