Favorite Television Characters A-Z: Erin Silver & Eric Matthews

Erin Silver

90210, Actress: Jessica Stroup

I should clarify here, season 1 Silver is one of my favorite characters. She was quirky and didn’t give a crap what people thought of her. While she is still a badass, the girl has seriously deviated from the her former greatness. Season 3 Silver is a liar and went behind her friend’s back as the “other woman” of Navid. Navid?! He’s not even worth it. What happened to the cool blogger Silver who only wanted Dixon? Bring her back please.

Notable quote: “You’ll learn to dig me, trust me.”

Eric Matthews

BOY MEETS WORLD, Actor: Will Friedle.

Eric started out as the suave, womanizing older brother and ended the series as the lovable asshat who was responsible for 99% of Boy Meets World’s humor. Hate to say it, but stupid Eric is my favorite. And who can forget the signature Feeny call?

Notable quote: “In conclusion… watches, chocolate, cheese. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Swiss.”

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