First Impression: Ringer

I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen an episode of Buffy. I know. Total blasphemy, right? So the fact that Ringer features former vamp-slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, wasn’t the driving force to me tuning into the new CW drama fest. But tune in I did and here’s my two-second take:

I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. Yay for being vague!

Bridget witnesses a murder and is consequently being hunted down by the mob. She chooses not to trust Richard Alpert Agent Machado of the FBI and instead goes to her twin sister, Siobhan, for help and the two embark on a boating adventure together. But the next morning, Siobhan has disappeared *gasp* and Bridget gets a brilliant idea. She will assume Siobhan’s identity and escape both the FBI and the mob. Genius!

Bridget’s initial foray into being Siobhan reminded me of the 13 Going 30 sequence where Jennifer Garner is figuring out everything that has happened in her future self’s past. Bridget finds out that her marriage is going to crap, she’s been doing the horizontal tango with her BFF’s hubby, and her sister is in just as much trouble as she is (if not more). Oh, and Siobhan is currently preggo with what is presumably her f-buddy’s kid.

I’m intrigued to say the least, it’s too early to tell. Ringer has definitely merited at least a few more weeks of my viewership.

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