That’s a Wrap: Glee Edition

When Glee first premiered I forced myself to not watch it. The show choir kids at my high school were loud, boisterous, and annoying, and I absolutely refused to get sucked into that world. The very first episode that I watched was 1.06 “Vitamin D,” and after the “It’s My Life/Confessions III” mash-up I was hooked. This was large in part to Cory Monteith and how adorably eager he played Finn. Thank you, Cory, for getting me to watch Glee.

As the curtains close tomorrow (finally), I am equal parts relieved that the trainwreck is finally over and grief over what a quality program Glee used to be. The first thirteen episodes of the show deserved every single award and nomination that it got. It was a heartfelt, witty show that I actually looked forward to watching every single week. Glee is a prime example of how fame and listening to fan expectations can completely ruin a show. I stopped tuning in because I actually cared about the storylines and/or characters. I only wanted to see what amazing clothes Quinn was wearing and if another great song had been Kidz Bop-ified. Not to say there hasn’t been the odd amazing episode or well-done cover over the past five seasons, but the caliber of those first thirteen episodes haven’t been reached in years. And that’s so sad to me.

So I give you some random thoughts I (still) have as the show comes to a close. Excuse my usage of the couple portmanteaus, it’s easier to write.

Thank you costume department for reviving my love of Anthropologie dresses and JCrew prep. I now own several replica Quinn outfits and they’re my favorite. My closet is forever in your debt.

I hated Finchel. As one of the few who stayed loyal on Team Fuinn, I absolutely could not stand this main couple. However, I was accepting from the beginning that this is where the show was going and how it was most likely going to end. Now that that ending will never be (RIP Cory, seriously you’re missed), I have to admit that Ryan Murphy’s proposed ending of Rachel coming back to McKinley and to Finn sounds pretty perfect.

Sam, who had originally been cast as Kurt’s boyf anyways, would have had the arc of discovering himself and finally accepting that he had feelings for Kurt and then they could ride off into the sunset together. “Duets” is still one of my favorite episodes. There was so much potential in this pairing. And yet, it was wasted on Fabrevans. This also brings me to Blaine. I’m also in the minority of Gleeks (that made me shudder) who hated the gel freak with a burning passion.

Dalton Academy never needed an introduction. The Troubletones storyline was dumb. We were here to watch the stories of the New Directions.

Quinn deserved better. Tina deserved better. As a matter of fact, all of the female characters deserved better. When the girls weren’t cheating on their boyfriends or being annoyingly clingy or that girl that we all despise, they were being used as props to make their male counterparts look better. The character of Sue was comic gold and then turned into a complete caricature.

“True Colors” is my most-played cover from the cast and still gives me chills.

I have no expectations for tonight. I assume the new cast of characters will take up the time that could have been given to the originals. I like Cheerios guy with the good voice and hot football guy. I have absolutely no idea that their names are. The show will end is some sort of stereotypical way. I’m thinking some sort of “lights out” in the choir room or Rachel in New York and a dedication to Cory. All I can hope for is that there is closure and that the original cast members get their due. I’d love to see Tina and Artie reunite.

Sayonara Glee. Please don’t pull a 7th Heaven.


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