Glee v. High School Musical

Hi. I am a nineteen-year-old who likes High School Musical and Glee. In other words, you may call me a geek…or a gleek. I am aware  that these obsessions of mine are embarrassing and for someone who is a month away from leaving teen-dom forever it’s even more embarrassing. But it’s exactly what makes these programs horrible that makes them great. Who doesn’t like the story of the underdogs who work their way to the top? Of school studs/athletes who find their musical talent with the help of the school brain/nerd/outcast/etc? And most importantly, who doesn’t love catchy music that gets stuck in your head for days on end?

Where High School Musical wins:

  • Bust a move –> HSM gets the choreography award because they actually dance. I am aware that Glee is about a show choir, and for the most part show choirs don’t get legit dance pieces for their performances. But as a dancer, watching the glee kids sway back and forth and snap their fingers just doesn’t cut it.
  • Eye candy –> Zac will forever be my leading man.
  • Cue the waterworks –> When a movie or television program makes me cry, it means that they pretty much rocked my world. HSM 3 came out the year I graduated from high school and I saw the movie with my best friends. When they did their signature “HSM jump” at the end, I balled like a freaking baby…and I still cry whenever I watch the movie. Glee has yet to make me cry. Ryan Murphy, make that a goal for the back nine.
  • Age appropriate –> All of the actors in HSM look like legit high schoolers. Even Monique Coleman who was 28 during filming could pass a believable senior. Cory Monteith and Mark Salling, both 27, truly look their age.

Where Glee wins:

  • Scriptacular –> Glee has to be one of the best written shows ever. It’s hilarious, but is still able to confront serious topics (like teen pregnancy) with poignancy. Hats off to the creative team, I aspire to be you.
  • Do re mi –> The music of Glee is quality. I think it’s more appealing to me because since they do covers, we all know the songs and it’s interesting to hear their arrangements. I hated Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” but I cannot help but smiling the entire time I listen to the Glee version.
  • A multitude of ships –> I love having a certain couple I can root for. With HSM it was obvious that Troy/Gabriella were going to be end-game. But on Glee there are so many possible combinations that it’s insane. I don’t even have a certain relation[ship] that I really am set on yet.
  • Sue Sylvester –> The dry-humored cheerleading coach of William McKinley high might be the best television character ever. I really don’t think I’ve laughed harder due to one character ever.

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One thought on “Glee v. High School Musical

  1. thegeekswereright says:

    Glee over HSM any day for sheer non-suckage, but you raise some good points. I agree with you on choreography, and although it is typical for show choirs to be less dance-oriented, these days I don’t know if that’s necessarily true any more. There are a lot of show choirs who do visually interesting and difficult, more “rock ‘n’ roll” choreography as opposed to the customary jazz hands. So Glee could definitely step it up there.

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