In Defense of “Crappy” Television

I apologize for some profanity.

It’s recently been brought to my attention that I watch shitty tv. Thank you, sister. I really appreciate that. At first it pissed me off and I was this close to actually saying, “Fuck you. You watch Dance Moms.” But then I realized. Yeah. You know what? I do watch some super shitty television shows. I watch shows that aren’t intellectually stimulating, the actors clearly only got hired because they’re hot, and there’s a possibility I lost brain cells in the process. And those shows are some of the ones that I look forward to the most every week.

Not every show can be a True Detective or a Homeland or her pinnacle of television worthiness, The Newsroom (which is a WHOLE other argument). Sometimes when you have a life that actually belongs on a sitcom or super messed up drama, watching rich kids go to parties and hide behind anonymous gossip blogs sounds pretty entertaining. Sometimes you need to watch a killer clown chop people up on American Horror Story. Of all things to judge a person on, don’t do it on their choice of tv shows. Actually, don’t judge people in general, but to do it on something as menial as tv choice…I have no words.

Yes, I care who is crowned America’s Next Top Model. I want to know that Nick and Jess will find their way back to each other. I am still watching Grey’s after 10 years because I am a goddamn devoted viewer and because Alex Karev deserves some freaking happiness.


I also know what’s going on in Ferguson. I can talk about feminism and rape culture. I know what’s going on in Mexico. I’m up to date with my current events. Just because I like to indulge in some so-called “shitty” and “mindless” television does not mean I’m not informed and lesser than you. I can carry on an intellectual conversation and watch The Vampire Diaries at the same time.

Oh, and PS Meredyth: Jim and Maggie have gotten comparisons to Jim and Pam since the show’s inception. [1, 2, 3,] 🙂

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