REVIEW: Being Human (North America)

The basic premise of Being Human sounds like a crap of a show: A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost shack up together in a Boston apartment. Before you roll your eyes, the vampire doesn’t sparkle and the werewolf is not played by Taylor Lautner. Just throwing that out there.

Being Human is a Canadian remake of the British series of the same name. After the fiasco that was U.S. Skins, I had very low expectations for this show. But to my surprise, Being Human is shockingly good. In fact I might just like it better than the original. I just wish they had accents. Everything sounds classier with accents.

The series stars Sam Witwer as vampire Aidan; Meaghan Rath as ghost Sally; Sam Huntington as werewolf Josh and Lost alum Mark Pellegrino as Bishop, a vampire of a more sinister nature. Instead of being mortal enemies, Sam and Josh have managed to be very close friends. Get a taste, Stephenie Meyer. They soon realize their bachelor pad has a third occupant: the recently killed former owner, Sally.

Like the Cullens, Aidan doesn’t do “live kill” anymore. He lives off the blood bank at the hospital where he works as a nurse. Josh, like Professor Lupin, finds his own Shrieking Shack to safely transform in. Josh also works at the same hospital as an orderly. Sally soon learns the identity of her murderer and haunts them a la The Changeling.

Don’t get me wrong, the show still offers a fresh spin on the typical vampire-werewolf-ghost story. We’re six episodes in and I’m still hooked. Being Human airs on SyFy, Mondays at 7/8c. Tune in to watch these three roomies try their best at being human.

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