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After making an appearance lasting 5 minutes or less in the last handful of the episodes, Jon Gosselin has gotten his wish. He is finally free. On September 29, TLC made the announcement that they have decided to cut Jon from their hit reality program Jon and Kate Plus 8.The series is going into a hiatus until November, when it will reemerge as Kate Plus 8 and focus on Kate Gosselin’s life as a newly divorced single mom and her eight kids. Okay, so I have always hated Kate with a passion, and I absolutely refuse to watch a show with only her as the star, because let’s face it, that’s what it’s going to be about from now on. As much as I love settling down on Mondays to watch the eight most adorable kids in the entire world, it is clear how much the media has ruined this once happy family. I’m sick of every magazine stand heralding either a picture of Jon or Kate with a headline about their supposed infidelity.

So what has Jon with doing with all of his new found “normalness”? Today, Entertainment Weekly reported that Jon filed a lawsuit to prevent any cameras from entering the Gosselin home in Philadelphia. Jon has informed the local authorities and has given them orders to use police force on any trespassers.  Now that he is relatively free from the paparazzi’s prying eyes, Jon has decided to devote his time to removing the rest of his family from the media. The sad thing is, I don’t think the Gosselins’ reality show will ever end. I completely agree that the best thing for these kids would be to get them out of the press and to grow up living a normal life. Long story short, I’m on Team Jon. I don’t want the brood once labeled, “America’s Favorite Family” to be anymore affected by the decisions of their parents.

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  1. blachford says:

    Good topic. I think everyone is choosing sides on these two and all agree it would be best for the kids if they just dropped the whole thing.

    Make sure you’re using paragraph marks. One big long paragraph of a post makes for difficult reading.

    I like that we hear about who you are watching the shows with. That’s a nice touch.

  2. jstych says:

    The thing that I have always wondered about the Gosselins is how they would have paid for raising eight kids without the financial support of the show. Clearly, most of the activities that they plan in the episodes are paid for by the production company, or are provided as perks of their fame, but that same fame must be taking an emotional toll on the kids.

    I was amazed when I saw an episode of “18 Kids and Counting” because their family is so limited in their expenses. Sure, they have a giant house, but their kids can’t even play organized sports because of equipment costs. It’s a fine line, but maybe the Gosselins saw TV as an opportunity to give the kids the life they wanted, and unfortunately the fame was blown totally out of proportion.

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