RECAP: Nip / Tuck, Hiro Yoshimura

Six successful seasons and 100 episodes later, television’s most controversial and racy medical program Nip / Tuck aired its final episode tonight. I have never been so disappointed in a series finale. Ever. The best thing about Nip / Tuck was that you never knew what was going to happen next (or who was going to hook up with who). To give Nip / Tuck a conventional, boring send-off is a slap-in-the-face for the devoted fans who stuck around for seven years and really, an insult to the show.

What kind of screwed up logic was the whole Matt-Ava-Jenna ending?  “I know you don’t love me but my daughter is perfect and you want perfection. So you can have my daughter and I’ll just stick around for the fun of it.” Ava’s story line and departure made some of the best episodes on Nip / Tuck and I almost feel like there was no point in bringing her back for these final episodes. Famke, you should stick to X-Men, at least you have sweet telepathic powers there.

I have to say I got really excited when Art Garfunkel’s “All I Know” started playing. Remember back in season two, that song was playing and then Carver showed up in Christian’s apartment? (Tangent, but the Carver was probably the best story line on Nip / Tuck) I was so sure that the Carver was going to emerge from the shadows and murder them all. That would have been a better ending actually. I also wanted to see Escobar again. That messed-up creep sure made for good entertainment. What was with the boring surgical case as well? I do understand that Hiro Yoshimura was a way to show plastic surgery becoming unnecessary and its just better to age, but I wanted to see one last kick ass surgery before McNamara/Troy closed its doors for good. And all I get is a seventy-year-old man who gets heart attacks while engaging in six-somes?! Lame sauce.

So in the end: Sean is still a good-doer, Christian is still a man whore, Matt is still an idiot, Liz is still partner-less, Kimber is still dead, and Julia is still running away from her problems. Congratulations, you’ve made no personal progress. It must feel great.

I hope this means that Ryan Murphy is going to devote all of the geniusness he didn’t apply to the Nip / Tuck finale to new Glee episodes. If not, I’m not going to be a happy camper. Where’s the Carver when you need him?

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