numero uno.

Hello friends and neighbors. I’m Kate and welcome to my general entertainment blog. I call it a “bitter and sarcastic view” because when it comes to entertainment, I like to rant about what I hate. First things first, I am extremely picky with what I choose to spend my time watching and once I’ve seen something to turn me off, I’m done. Second, I have very specific ways in which I believe tv programs/movie should end. On occasion, I have been known to yell and throw things at the screen when things don’t go my way. My tv barely survived when Joey chose Pacey over Dawson on Dawson’s Creek…and yes, I’m still bitter about that and it’s been nearly 7 years. Third, I will generally watch every genre, but I live for the rom-coms. So look for a lot of those sappy, stereotypical films/tv programs here. Lastly, thanks for reading. I will try to make it worth your while 🙂

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  1. blachford says:

    sounds like fun. it’s good that you’re laying out for readers who you are and where you’re coming from. i see you have a “you” button on here. what are your plans with that. I like that you put good background information in the “me” section, so the readers can get to know you some. i look forward to future posts.

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