The Awkward, Obligatory One Direction Post


I’d like to tell you a story of woe aka my descent into madness via the One Direction Infection. It all started with a typical night of browsing YouTube when a banner promoting “What Makes You Beautiful” popped up on my screen. “Oh, that guy in the red pants is really pretty,” I thought, “Let’s click on this video.” Pressing play that fateful March night was simultaneously the best and worst decision of my life.

A child of the ’90s, I grew up amidst the Backstreet Boys, ‘NSYNC, Britney, and Christina era. However, I wouldn’t have considered myself a “fan” of any of them at the time. In retrospect, I was clearly Team BSB and Team Britney, but I never felt the need to attend a concert or buy cheesy merch. I suppose this is why I have attached myself to a boyband now. Their friendship is ridiculously adorable and “Lourry” stole my heart.

Yes, I realize that I am a [newly minted] 23-year-old and fawning over a group of pretty boys ranging from ages 19-21 is weird. I am way too old for this “fangirling” shit and clearly out of their target demo. And in my defense I resisted as long as I possibly could. But now I really could care less and I will constantly send you videos and pretty pictures until you give in. So far I’ve been able to convert two of my friends (both older than me, mind you) so I consider that a win.


But seriously, look how pretty.

I don’t think you can compare 1D to BSB or ‘NSYNC because time has changed, music taste has evolved, and the eagerness/craziness of fans has changed. Social media didn’t really exist back then, but I’m pretty sure fans weren’t clamoring for a videotape of a group orgie. Have you seen some of the Twitter trends relating to this band? I didn’t know half of those words before I went to college.

This post really has no point other than to casually reaffirm my love for this dumb boyband and an excuse to look at pictures. I can only reiterate the word “pretty” but that’s really the sole word I use to describe them. I’ll leave you with the name of my iTunes playlist, which pretty much sums up my feelings:

Picture 7