REVIEW: Ever the Brave, Erin Summerill (Dec. 5, 2017)

In this direct sequel to 2016’s EVER THE HUNTED, Channeler Britta is back after saving the life of Malam’s King Aorden.

The 411: After the first book’s bombshell that Britta has formed a strange yet intense connection with Aorden, we get to go inside his head a little with his POV. We get three narrators this time around, with Britta, Cohen, and Aorden alternating chapters.

Feeling in her debt (and also really digging her in general), Aorden is determined to make Britta a noble, despite her background and powers. You might remember that she isn’t exactly welcome in Malam. And obviously, there are going to be those people who want to use Britta’s Channeling magic for bad instead of good. Enter Evil Mama Flannery. And here lies the central conflict of the book, minus the amazing love triangle between Britta, Aorden, and Cohen. Drama DrAmA DRAMA and lots of angst.

I enjoyed EVER THE HUNTED, but I reeeeeeally liked EVER THE BRAVE. The plot moves much faster, the world is more developed, and as I mentioned earlier, there’s a LOVE TRIANGLE. Yes, I actually like love triangles.

From other reviews that I’ve read from blogger friends of EVER THE HUNTED, I seemed to be one of the few who supported the pairing of Cohen and Britta, and Cohen as a character in general. I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers romances, specifically childhood friends, so I was destined to stan Cohen and Britta from the start. I’m so happy to see some people come around to Cohen after reading this book. Not to say that Aorden isn’t equally as dreamy (because, in all fairness, he is) but I appreciate the newfound Cohen love 🙂

I needed to purchase a hardcover copy because LOOK HOW PRETTY. And I wanted this gorge print that came with the pre-order goodies. I’m finally working on making some pretty shelves and this will go absolutely perfectly with my aesthetic.

And more good news! While this book ends the Clash of Kingdoms duology, Summerill is writing more in this world with next year’s ONCE A KING that will center on Aorden and Lirra. I’m so happy we’re getting more of the two of them.

MY RATING: ✰✰✰1/2
lovers of young adult fantasy and love triangles

Thank you HMH Books for Young Readers for my galley! Ever the Brave is available now.

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