REVIEW: Love, Life, and the List, Kasie West (Dec. 26, 2017)

This book holds a very special place in my heart. LOVE, LIFE, AND THE LIST by Kasie West was my 400th book of 2017 aka my goal! I am so happy that this book was the one. Friends-to-lovers romance, a little heartbreak, and a good cry? Everything I could want in a good, young adult romance. And we all know that when it comes to cutesy YA romances, Kasie West is queen. She completely lives up to her title here. I’m just starting to make my way through West’s catalog, but I’m loving what I’ve read so far. I’ve read BY YOUR SIDE and P.S. I LIKE YOU, if you have a suggestion of should be next on my list, let me know 🙂

The 411: Abby and Cooper are best friends, although Abby wishes they were more. The year prior, she confessed her feelings to Cooper only to take them back when she realizes they were not reciprocated. The two have glossed over the event and never speak of it.

After Abby’s art is rejected from a local showing, she (with the help of her family) creates a list of ten things to do in an effort to bring more life into her art. These things range from facing a fear to witnessing life being born to falling in love. Cooper is roped into completing the list with her.  Can they both cross “fall in love” off their list? Hint, they can.

This was such a sweet story, plain and simple. Super easy and a fast read that still packs a punch when it needs to. There is also OCD and agoraphobia representation that I greatly appreciated. Cooper isn’t a perfect human, he even *gasp* gets a zit every once in a while.

Again, I am so pleased that this was my 400th read of the year. Best friends getting together is my favorite trope EVER and LOVE, LIFE, AND THE LIST is a perfect addition to my collection.

MY RATING:  ✰✰✰1/2
RECOMMENDED FOR: lovers of bubblegum sweet teen romances

Thank you HarperTEEN for my galley. Love, Life, and the List is available now.

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