REVIEW: The Goblins of Bellwater, Molly Ringle (Oct. 1, 2017)

“Everyone knew you shouldn’t go biting into fruit offered to you by magical creatures in the woods, even if you’d thought until just five minutes ago that such stories were, you know, only stories.”

When twenty-something, Skye, falls into a near catatonic depression, her older sister, Livy, is at a loss to what could have happened to her. The answer? Goblins. Yup, they exist. And they exist in Bellwater, Washington. After this period of transition, Skye is destined to leave life as she knows it and join the goblins in the forest. Also entangled in the supernatural drama are cousins Kit and Grady—whose family has served as liaisons to the goblin tribe throughout history.

I’ve been on a kick with fairytale / folktale / mythology retellings this year and I really enjoyed The Goblins of Bellwater, which is a reinterpretation of the poem, “Goblin Market,” by Christina Rossetti. “Goblins” captured my interest right away and was a fairly quick read due to its “un-put-downable-ness” <– Totally just made up that word…

And if it helps sway you, the cover is GORGE.

Just a note: For me, this book walked the line between young adult and new adult. The themes are relatively dark and the sex scenes are more graphic than typical YA novels (but definitely not what you’d find in true blue adult novels).

The Goblins of Bellwater is available now.  Thank you Central Avenue Publishing for my ARC.

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