REVIEW: This Mortal Coil, Emily Suvada (Nov. 7)

IMG_1085I am a huge fan of dystopian / post-apocalyptic type novels, but I’m finding it’s hard to find one these days that has an original angle. This Mortal Coil takes a tried-and-true storyline (widespread disease turning humans into monsters) and turns it on its head, diving deep into the world of DNA and genetics manipulation.

THE 411: This Mortal Coil takes place in an unnamed point in the future where humans have created technology that allows them to manipulate their own DNA. Each person is equipped with a GenKit, that then can be personalized with apps for clearing acne, healing injuries, etc. Catarina Agatta is the daughter of esteemed scientist, Lachlan Agatta, who is known for writing vaccine code for seemingly undefeatable diseases. Her father and his assistant (and her sig. other), Dax, are taken by the superpower, Cartaxus, which controls GenTech. Catarina is left alone in an isolated cabin to fend for herself during the Hydra plague. After a period of time, she is visited by Lt. Cole Franklin, who claims that she holds the key to unlocking the vaccine that will save humanity from the virus.

And, of course, more shenanigans ensue.

Suvada goes into great detail about the coding technology of the GenKits, how they work, and how they are manipulated throughout the novel. You’re going to be tempted to skim or skip around, and I would highly discourage this. I tried—and you’re going to be confused enough to go back and reread. The twist came out of left-field for me, but made perfect sense once it was revealed. And, um, that CLIFFHANGER? I need book 2, please.

There’s also a couple to root for (if that’s your thang), and a love triangle…kind of? Plenty of betrayal and twists and turns, and a kick ass heroine. I really enjoyed This Mortal Coil and will definitely check out the sequel. It kept me interested throughout and I was really impressed by the original direction Suvada took the plot. And it doesn’t hurt that the cover is gorge.

RECOMMENDED FOR: lovers of dystopias and post-apocalytipic YA novels

Thank you Simon & Schuster for my galley. This Mortal Coil is available on November 7, 2017.

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