REVIEW: A Guide for Murdered Children, Sarah Sparrow (Mar 20, 2018)

I fully admit to being sucked in by the title and then I stayed for the plot.

In a nutshell: Murdered children are reincarnated into the bodies of recently deceased adults. Their mission? To achieve a “moment of balance” aka revenge on their killers for their untimely demise.

The premise of A Guide for Murdered Children is super unique and interesting and it definitely kept my interest the entire way through. However, there are so many characters, as you have both the children tenants, their adult landlords, the killers, and a handful of others. I needed to make a character map to keep everyone straight.

The plot also moves pretty slow at times—no fault of the author, I think the story requires a lot of exposition and background—but you’re going to be tempted to skim and I’d recommend not doing that because you’ll need the information later.

Obviously, there are darker topics at play. Murder of children. Rape. Abuse. But if you appreciate a good revenge story, there’s that going for you.

Is it worth a read? Yes.
Will it be a slow process? Most likely.
Will the Comic Sans on the cover constantly bug you? The Whole. Damn. Time.

Nearly 4 / 5 stars. Let’s say 3.88888885. 🙂

Thank you Blue Rider Press for my galley. A Guide for Murdered Children is available March 20, 2018).