Bachelor Ben: Episode Five

We’re five weeks into The Bachelor season 20 and I’m back with musings. I’m still spoiler-free, so I’m just going to assume that I am dead wrong.

  • Olivia: Let me be the first to say that I’m embarrassed that I put her in my favorites list on night 1. Girlfran is crayzayyyy. I sincerely hope that her rose gets taken away (thanks for the cliffhanger, ABC). She eats up way too much airtime when the focus could be on the girls whose names I still forget. She’s way too cocky and I can’t wait to see her get knocked off her high horse. Because I refuse to believe that Ben is going to fall for her act much longer. I have faith in you, Ben.

"The Bachelor" Emily

I’m Emily. Thank you, @BachelorABC for this Vine.

  • The Laurens: I had Lauren H. in my list of favorites from night 1, and unfortunately I’m going to have to knock her off. There’s nothing particularly wrong with her, I just found her date with Ben kinda lackluster. There’s no real chemistry there. I can see her sticking around for a week or two more then getting the boot. Lauren B., however, gets a promotion to my LIKES list.
  • JoJo + Caila: I like them and I can see them both staying around.  They seem like nice, grounded girls.
  • Amanda: The single mom is still in my list of faves. How cute was it when Ben helped her make hairclips for her kiddos? I hope she at least makes it to Hometowns so he can meet them.
  • Becca: She was my fave from Chris’ season, so part of me really hopes she takes it all. I’m not expecting that, but a girl can dream.
  • Emily: I like her so much more now that her twin got the axe. I don’t expect her to be around much longer, but her personality is finally coming out. And I’m glad I can Google “Bachelor Emily Knife” and get that Vine.
  • Jennifer + Leah aka Who That: I don’t understand how they’re still here. But then again, no one knew who Catherine was for the longest time during Sean’s season. If Olivia doesn’t get her rose taken away this week, it HAS to be one of the unknowns getting sent home.

So basically (TL;DR): my final two hopes, Amanda and Lauren B., and Olivia needs to leave yesterday.

Episode 1 Recap


Bachelor Ben: Episode 1

Like the general viewership of last season’s The Bachelorette, I too yelled at the TV while Ben H. somberly rode away from Kaitlyn in a minivan (at least spring for some better wheels, ABC). Always a sweet guy and a voice of reason in a drama-filled house, Ben H. deserved much more. Actually, pretty much every guy deserved more after Nick showed up.

I tuned in Monday to watch the drama unfold and wasn’t let down. They always seem to find the most emotionally unstable women (and men) for this damn show. And unsurprisingly, Ben was a sweetheart to all of them. This includes resident crazies, Lace and Mandie, both of whom should have gone home (but where’s the fun in that?). It was also a tad jarring that most of the women were my age or younger. But I guess that makes sense for a 26-year-old Bachelor.

As Ben H. (he will always be Ben H.) starts his journey on The Bachelor, I wish him nothing but the best luck to find love in a hopeless place. I mean, how many couples are still together? Gotta be less than five. It’s also always nice to see Bachelor Chris back on the tube. Iowa pride forever (#godscountry).

And because I like to shake things up a bit, here are my four favorites just from this first episode alone: Samantha, Amanda, Lauren H., and news anchor Olivia, who received the first impression rose. From the previews it looks like Olivia turn out to be the token “Not Here For the Right Reasons/Is Actually Psychotic” contestant this season, but we’ll see.

So, here’s to you, Bachelor Ben. May your season be full of the “MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER”, tears, and cheesy dates. Good luck with the crazies. As for me, I’ll try to stay away from spoilers.