REVIEW: Bonfire, Krysten Ritter (Nov. 7, 2017)

Bonfire | Krysten RitterI want to know how it’s even in the realm of fairness that Krysten Ritter gets to be both a terrific actress AND writer? Bonfire is a solid debut novel for Ritter, and just happens to fall into one of my favorite genres: psychological thrillers.

Abby peaced out of her little, rural Indiana town days after turning 18 and never looked back. After years of emotional and verbal bullying, she is determined to never return. Now a big shot lawyer for an environmental protection firm, Abby is sent back to Barrens after the townspeople complain of their water being contaminated by local big shot corporation, Optimal. As Abby and her team start investigating Optimal, she soon realizes that something deeper is happening in her sleepy hometown, something that connects to the mysterious disappearance of a former classmate, and her main tormentor, Kaycee.

This was such a fast read for me, and I mean that in an entirely good way. Ritter does a good job at moving the story along while introducing new twists and turns. For a slow, isolated setting, the pace of Bonfire is continually kept fast and interesting. The ending isn’t necessarily mind-boggling or shocking, but it’s satisfactory and the novel ends the same way.

Solid 4 /5 stars for me.

Thank you Crown Publishing for letting me read. Bonfire is available now and is also a featured Book of the Month pick for November.