#Recommendsday: Book Community Edition!

One of the best decisions I made this year was to get more involved with the book community as a whole. I’ve got some recommendations for big outlets: Insta, YouTube, and blog platforms. (There’s some overlap–many of these wonderful peeps are overachievers and do all three.) Please send me any and all recs you have–I definitely need more diverse and male-identifying voices on here!


All these pictures are always gorgeous–teach me your ways! And I love watching book mail openings. 👇🏽

xenatine, darkfaerietales_, myfriendsarefiction, bookish_mai,


I love rants. I love raves. I look unboxings. I love booktube. Check these out 👇🏽

jessethereader, emmmabooks, A Clockwork Reader, PeruseProject

Bloggers / Reviewers

I strive to be like every single one of you. 👇🏽

The Suspense Is Thrilling Me, Her Bookish Things, A Page with a View