Broadway Solos to Belt Out Alone in Your Cube at Work

So, today sucks, right? JK Rowling defended the casting of Johnny Depp, another school shooting, and Franken’s whelming resignation speech. It’s time to put in your earbuds and zone out.

Every day I sit in my little cube and have epic singalongs in my head <— this is what you’re forced to do after a few awkward run-ins with floor mates and custodial staff who catch you rocking out in your cube. And if you have an office with a door, you better be doing this already. Complete with grandiose arm movements and faces of exertion.

My band of choice is typically One Direction, because…come on. But, as of late, it’s been broadway hits. Enjoy this playlist of full-band and quiet, acoustic broadway solos that I love to perform in my head.