Five Shows I Desperately Want to Like But Can’t

I give every show a fair shot. I sit through each and every new pilot episode to determine whether or not it deserved my undivided (…mostly) attention and viewership. My taste is eclectic and all over the board. I like everything from trashy reality dating shows to overly dramatic teen soaps to your bread and butter episodic crime shows. I don’t claim to have the best taste in shows (my sister would tell you I watch the worst shows ever), but I do like that I can give everything a fair chance. And all of these shows discussed here got their fair chance. Several of them, in fact.

I tried so hard to like these shows. Truly. I’ve watched each of their pilots countless times and handful of subsequent episodes but I just cannot get hooked. I can put away my personal opinions enough to acknowledge that the plots are interesting, the acting is top notch, and that Jared Padalecki makes for some eye-candy. But that’s it. That’s as much as I can give. Oh, and that Dame Maggie Smith is a bad ass no matter what she’s in.


After being told that you “just need to keep watching” I forced myself to watch the entire first season and part of the second before I gave up. I love me some Jon Hamm, but Mad Men just never piqued my interest. I’ve never been a particular fan of period shows, so I think that’s partly why, but still. Mad Men is an internationally recognized and loved program. It actually angers me that I just don’t like it. And the opening credits are awesome. I always appreciate flashy opening credits.


Another show that I know is extremely well acted, very timely, and smart…but I can’t stand it. I may just place this blame on Kevin Spacey’s southern accent because I find it very hard to concentrate. When people are talking about House of Cards I smile and nod along because I want to be part of this club. I really do. But I can’t. I hate that.


Again, it might be the fact that I don’t like old-timey shows. It might be the fact that the main love interest guy, Matthew Crawley, I don’t find attractive at all. It might be the fact that the loves and lives of a stiff upper lipped aristocratic fambam doesn’t sound like fun to me. But regardless, I could barely get through the pilot. My friends love Downton. My mom loves Downton. I wish I loved Downton, but I don’t.


I started watching the revival with Christopher Eccleston and the chick from Secret Diary of a Call Girl and couldn’t see the hype. I was then told to skip ahead to David Tenant’s season because he was the best. Still don’t get it. A regenerating dude who chills in a telephone booth. The premise alone confuses me as to why it has such a cult following. The acting is meh in my opinion. It’s not really my brand of humor. I’ve sat through many episodes trying desperately to see why it’s attracted such diehard fans and I can’t. Sorry, Doctor. I tried.


 I actually remember watching this pilot episode live back in 2005 and immediately marking it off because of the presence of Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Denny the Heart Patient aka my only nemesis other than Peyton Sawyer. So basically Supernatural winning my tv-loving heart was not going to be an easy task. I’ll admit I’ll watch anything with a pretty face, so it’s surprising that the power duo of Jensen Ackles and JarPad weren’t enough to keep me coming back. And as a former Tumblr user, all I used to see was #SUPERNATURAL #DESTIEL #WINCEST and I think the entire series just got a bad taste in my mouth.