90210 – Season 3, September 13 @ 7 – The CW

When I tell people I watch 90210 I usually get quizzical looks in return. Either A) They have only heard of it’s prequel Beverly Hills 90210 and are confused about why it’s still on air or B) They have heard the countless reviews and opinions that the new 90210 overstayed its welcome on television by episode 2.

Ever since Nip / Tuck’s lackluster series finale, 90210 has become my guilty pleasure series.  Is the writing Pulitzer Prize worthy? Absolutely not. Is the acting Emmy worthy? Nowhere near. So why do I put myself through 40-some-odd-minutes of mediocrity? The show is chock full of pretty people with such far fetched drama-filled problems that my own sitcom of a life seems relatively normal.

The first season was admittedly pretty sucky, but it was at least marginally better than the new Melrose Place. But I was actually pleasantly surprised with their sophomore season.  Even with the departure of heartthrob Ethan and the addition of unneeded useless new characters, 90210 definitely improved in its second season. Can they keep the trend going and maybe have a *gasp* decent third season? Here’s what I would like to see happen this year on 90210:

  • After Ethan left and killed my hopes of he and Annie ending up together, I put all my hopes in Dixon and Silver…and of course, they broke up.  Typical. Going into season three, I have fully hitched my support sails to the Liam/Annie ship. I think I am going to get what I want here. The way the show is going, I fully predict that Lannie will happen in some context – we’ve still got the Naomi and Jasper characters that could throw a wrench in the mechanism. I’m only assuming that because it’s been confirmed that Teddy’s coming out of the closet, Teddy and Silver are effectively dunzo. But you never know what could happen in TV Land.

  • The car crash/killing a hobo storyline needs to be wrapped asap. It’s gone on for forever and quite frankly I could give a crap anymore. Annie needs to man up and confess or if (most likely) there is some sudden twist to the event, make it worth our while. I’m not going to buy a “the hobo was already dead and Annie hit a tree branch” excuse. Let loose those creative floodgates, writers.
  • Even though it’s sometimes needed, I hate it when shows continually bring in new characters to “shake things up.” I generally end up hating them all and new people have a tendency to break up the couples that I support. Ivy has served her purpose of coming between Liam and Naomi and making Dixon realize he should be with Silver. Her time is up. After Liam (hopefully) breaks up with Silver, he has no ties to any other character. His time is up. Let them go, please.