Six TV Deaths I Actually Mourned

I honestly cannot remember the last time that a tv show or a movie moved me to tears. And this is an accomplishment considering I feel like a whiny, needy mess inside. McDreamy’s death didn’t do it for me. Inside Out didn’t either. And Me and Earl and the Dying Girl failed to cue the waterworks. So, in order to prove that I, in fact, am not a complete robot, I thought I’d make a companion to “Three TV Deaths I Rather Enjoyed.”

Some of these bring out feelings off bitterness rather than sadness because they were completely unnecessary deaths that were simply put in for shock factor, but I’m still upset. And, yes, it’s been years. I can hold a serious grudge (I’m looking at you, Shonda Rhimes).


Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), Teen Wolf

I always appreciated that Allison wasn’t your typical female lead on a sci-fi show. She didn’t need saving. She completely held her own. She was bad-ass with a bow and arrow. She fought against her family and their werewolf hunter ways. She wasn’t just the girlfriend of the main protagonist. Allison Argent was her own character, which made her death even more unnecessary. Personally, I don’t think it moved the plot any further. I’m a fan of Kira and her relationship with Scott, but it shouldn’t have come at the expense of Allison.


Lexie Grey + Mark Sloan (Chyler Leigh + Eric Dane),
Grey’s Anatomy

Hey, a double-whamy death that actually did make me cry. Mark and Lexie was the Grey’s couple for me (Sorry MerDer) and I’m still bitter that these deaths happened. Meredith lost yet another member of her family (don’t even get me started about this new sister that has popped up now). The deaths, again, weren’t necessary. Mark gave a speech of rom-com proportions only to have Lexie kick the bucket. And then he died of a literal broken heart. No thank you. You’re damn right that they deserved the hospital memorial.


Sun + Jin Kwon (Yunjin Kim + Daniel Dae Kim), Lost

Another two-fer. You’d think that getting within an episode of the finale would mean that all the characters were safe…nope. Sun and Jin bit the dust right before the series finale. Sun and Jin were separated more than they were together throughout the whole of LOST and their reunion scenes all pulled at these tough heartstrings. Add in the fact that Jin probably could have lived if he pulled a Rose, and you’ve got a sad Kate. Shame on you, Man in Black, shame on you.


Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), Glee

This one might be cheating a little since his death wasn’t planned, but I’m going with it. Coming at a time when Glee’s quality of episodes was pretty crappy, this episode (“The Quarterback”) is a definite standout. The songs didn’t feel contrived, the song selection was on point, and the acting seemed natural because everyone was in actual mourning. It even made me feel for Finchel, and that pairing was typically the bane of my existence. I wasn’t even bothered that we weren’t given a reason for his death either. Life imitated art and the episode was heart-wrenching in the best/worst possible way.


RIP Derek Shepherd

credit: hollywood reporter

credit: hollywood reporter

I had the luck to be on a plane like week and did not get to experience of the hysteria over Derek Shepherd’s death live. I did land to 25 missed text messages from friends freaking out, however, claiming that they were done with Grey’s and that it will never be the same. (In my opinion, people should have been done with Grey’s around two seasons ago, but that’s just me). By the time I watched the episode the next day my Facebook and Twitter was full of nothing of upset fans. I can barely call myself a fan anymore, but at first thought I wasn’t upset. Like Dempsey, I’d be desperate to get out of the show, too. But now after watching his swan song, I am upset. But not for obvious reasons.

First things first: I’ve never found McDreamy to be that dreamy. I’ve always been more of a McSteamy girl. I was never really that devoted to the Derek/Meredith romance. I accepted that their relaysh was a main component of the show, but I was never a diehard fan. That all being said…what kind of send-off episode was that? The first half had nothing to do with the second half. I get that that they wanted to show Derek’s character and how good of a person and doctor he was. But then because he went to unknown hospital, the episode consisted of characters that we don’t know and don’t care about. I expected an episode of at least George/Izzie power in terms of emotionality (Lexie is still number one in my heart).

And maybe that’s what the 2-hour episode is going to be tonight: A kind of mash-up flashback episode where the characters get to say their goodbyes to Derek properly. In my opinion, they could have cut the first half of the episode and used the second half to give him a proper goodbye. Meredith’s little scene wasn’t enough for me. Maybe that’s why this death isn’t sitting right with me. It didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real. I’m expected him to show up in this next episode with a whole, “It’s a beautiful night to save lives…I’m back bitches!” speech. If they were going to kill him, he should have died back with the hospital shooter episode—that at least would been a good death with substance.

I’m not sure what I’ve hoping for. I guess closure, just closure. A nice remembrance of who McDreamy was before Shonda screws up again. It’s also amazing how many actors on Grey’s have had reportedly “diva-ish” behavior. Maybe it says something more about the way things are run behind the scenes and not the actors themselves. Maybe if they weren’t recycling storylines and keeping actors locked in a show (that again should have been taken off the air years ago) the characters could have been given proper goodbyes and a proper ending that didn’t result in a tragic death. Please, oh please, ABC gods, do not renew this show again. I don’t think fans could handle another death and I think we know more will come as long it lives.