An Open Love Letter to Harry Potter

While watching Harry Potter Weekend a few days ago on ABC Fam, I asked my dad if they had a Harry Potter growing up. A book series/film franchise/general cash cow that helped to define their generation. They said “no” and that just made me really sad. I have endless love for Harry Potter. Whenever it’s HP Weekend (#HarryPotterForever), I can always expect texts from my closest friends because, obviously, we’re all watching. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the movies or read the books, and they never grow old. Truly.

I grew up a (slightly embarrassing) HP fanatic. I have vivid memories of my mom reading the first book to my sister and me before bed. My room was papered with posters. I listened to the book tapes to sleep. Ok, confession: I still do. At this moment, I’m actually upset that my books are currently chilling in storage and I don’t have a direct way to get them. I feel a great reread needs to happen soon.

Harry Potter has brought me such fond memories over the years. I loved going to the release parties at Barnes and Noble and the midnight movie premieres. I loved that feeling of cracking open the novels and the smell, oh the smell. Despite not being able to ride any of the rides (thanks to my weak stomach), Harry Potter World was a huge highlight of Disney for me. And I completely fangirled over the exhibit at Warner Bros. studios while in LA.

I’ve also always found it inspiring that J.K. was turned down by 12 publishing companies and still persevered. I’ve always taken rejection pretty hard and would have definitely given up after the first few “no’s.” Now she’s this internationally ranked author and multimillionaire. Accepting my heritage has also been something I’ve struggled with, and the fact that Harry’s first real crush was on an Asian girl was a self-confidence booster for me. I was very invested in the casting of Cho Chang. Plus, it made for an easy Halloween costume, holla.

And who wouldn’t want to be a wizard/witch? You’d be a total bad ass. Cleaning would be a cinch. Things would always be exciting. Pictures would move (aka GIFs). I’d kill to roam the shops in an actual Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade (sadly Harry Potter World doesn’t count). But more than anything, I think I’m desperate for an escape from my current state. I’d love to perform a memory charm and forget these past few years.

This post has no point, other than to sing the praises of J.K. Rowling…so thank you. Thank you for creating this magical world. Thank you for being my escape. Thank you for helping to shape my childhood. Thank you for countless great memories with my friends. Thank you for the future memories I’m bound to create.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I Review

REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


I generally go to the movies with low expectations. It’s fairly difficult to reach the caliber that I hold movies to.  When it comes to film adaptations of books, it’s nearly impossible to outshine its written form. Unlike other franchises, the Harry Potter films have been pretty decent overall. But after the travesty that was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, things really could only improve. On the other hand, this is the last chapter of the Harry Potter saga, a well-loved childhood staple of gazillions of people across the planet. Greatness is expected. Armed with popcorn and Diet Pepsi, I settled myself in a seat with a questionable stain and prepared myself for what hopefully was going to be an epic experience.

I am happy to report that of approximately 2:45 a.m. yesterday, my Harry Potter heart has been so incredibly happy. But this is me, I can find the negative in anything. Yay pessimism.

The cast of Harry Potter must be the most awkward pack of kissers I have ever seen on film. Every single kissing scene in these movies has made me cringe. First, the Harry/Cho kiss where their arms were awkwardly pinned to their sides like soldiers. Second, well, I’m not even going to into the Ron/Lavender mess. Third, the Harry/Ginny smooches. It doesn’t help that she’s taller than him, I see no chemistry between them whatsoever and their relationship has always been paired with scenes of extreme awkwardness. In the sixth movie, there was the whole “Your shoelace is untied, let me do that for you.” I remember the entire theater expressing their confusion. Um, Ginny what exactly are you doing down there? This movie we got Ginny asking Harry to “zip her up.” Classy. Harry seemed to have a tough time with that zipper, it took like five minutes to close the damn dress…and then he went in for the kill. And the Harry/Hermione Horcrux mack was way over the top. Did they need to be naked? No. Did they need to eat each other’s faces? No. I hope the Ron/Hermione kiss in the next movie lacks the above nastiness. We’ve been waiting forever for this moment. Don’t screw it up.

Which leads to my next subject, the interactions between the Trio. Ron and Hermione were So. Freaking. Adorable. The fangirl in me was smiling the entire time. Harry and Hermione’s friendship got an emphasis while Ron was MIA. The addition of the H/H dancing scene was cute, a tad unnecessary but cute. While I don’t consider any of the Trio to be terrific, Oscar worthy actors, they have gotten better over the years. When they cry it’s semi-believable now.

A few minor tweaks were made for what I assume would be time limits: no goodbye scene between Harry and the Dursleys, no ghoul in pajamas, Harry wasn’t disguised at the wedding, the Ministry of Magic expedition was pretty brief, no in-depth explanation of Dumbledore’s family, Wormtail didn’t die etc. In addition to the dancing scene, some extras were also thrown in mostly for comic relief. Now to the deaths, two points:  A) If you read the books you knew they were coming and B) They weren’t THAT sad. The girl next to me cried constantly throughout the entire movie. So either she just suffered a heartbreaking breakup or she’s emotionally unstable.

My last rant for this film goes to the wardrobe department. Harry and Ron were dressed in some of the ugliest effing sweaters I have ever seen. You’ve got what must be a multi-million dollar budget, loosen the purse strings a little here.

Don’t get me wrong, the HP7.1 was good, great even. I am sure I will see it at least one more time in theaters, but it just wouldn’t be typical of me to just address the positives. Can it be July 15 now?

Oh and Voldie? Try some spray-on tan and consider getting a rhinoplasty.