Six Reasons Why Misfits Will Not Work Without Robert Sheehan

I was reading spoilers (surprise, surprise) today and found out some horrifying, devastating news: Robert Sheehan may not return for the third season of Misfits and if he does, it will be in a limited capacity. I’d really like to say that I would continue to watch the show sans Nathan Young, but I really can’t at this point. Nathan makes the show for me. To be honest, I care very little about Simon, Kelly, Alisha & Curtis. We’ve seen the more of Nathan’s home life than any of the other characters. We all know Nathan can be an asshat, but there are viable reasons why he acts the way he does. And it’s also one of the main reasons why I hope with all of my heart that America will not try to remake Misfits. Nathan is a one-of-a-kind character with a one-of-a-kind actor. Robert is Nathan and he can pull off both comedic and emotional scenes in equal measure.

Maybe my title is a little dramatic. I’m sure Misfits would fare fine without Robert/Nathan. The writing has been consistently great and the remaining four actors are all very talented. But I don’t think anyone can deny that it would be a completely different show. I cannot see any other character spewing out “Nathanisms” without a major character rewrite. And if they do decide to introduce another character with Nathan’s attitude, they would never compare to the original. I’m leaving you with my favorite six scenes of Nathan Young. I hope I leave the impression that Nathan is a vital character to the show and how bland the third season will be without the spice that is Nathan Young.

I’m going to note here that the following will include some vulgar language. Nathan has mastered sarcasm and vulgarity. [Click the banners for video!]

6. The Afterbirth Debacle

5. The ‘Old Circle Jerk’

4. The Math Lesson

3. The Fancy Dress Party

2. The “I’m Immortal!” Dance

1. The Epic Rooftop Speech