7 Reasons Why I Love Jeff & Annie

Community is arguably a show that doesn’t place a huge emphasis on romantic relationships. And this is one of many reasons why it’s currently my favorite comedy on air. I love the whole dynamic between the “Study Group.” I love Troy and Abed’s bromance. And I even find Pierce and Annie’s “father-daughter-like” friendship to be some what endearing. But just because romance takes a backseat doesn’t mean that those few and rare moments don’t make me grin like an idiot, because they do. I am proud to say that I am 150 percent on Team Jeff/Annie, and no amount of Dan Harmon’s love for Britta will make me abandon this ship.

You’d think that a relationship between a [then] 18-year-old girl and a guy pushing 40 would make me sick to my stomach. But on the contrary, these two have such a unique chemistry that I couldn’t help but root for them. This past season came and went, with Jeff denying that there is an “Annie of it all” and refusing to accept his feelings for Annie. And even though we got glimpses of Jeff’s apparent jealousy of the Black Rider and Abed in the season finale, nothing concrete was said between the two.

I always like to go into new seasons optimistic and this time my hopes are already getting dangerously high. It was this particular TVLine article that sent Milady + Milord shippers like me into hysterics. I sincerely hope this isn’t some ruse, because I don’t know if my inner fangirl can handle that.

And since the third season premiere of Community is still over 2 weeks away, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the pivotal JA scenes that made them one of my OTPs:

1. “What do you think?” “Yeah…”

Obviously, the entire Debate 109 episode is JA gold, but I love this scene in particular because there is something in the way Jeff says “yeah” when Annie asks what he thinks that just makes my little shipper heart so happy. This is also the moment that I jumped on board the Milady+Milord express.

2. “You’re becoming dangerous, Annie. It’s those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like choking The Little Mermaid with a bike chain”

Even though their screentime was brief, it really showed how Annie could potentially make Jeff a better person. And I know that one of the biggest criticisms about their relationship is that Annie is “always trying to change him” or what not, but I think that Jeff has just as much influence on Annie as she does on him.

3. “I took that kiss for the team.” “What?!”

I love this whole exchange because it’s obvious that Annie did not just take that kiss for the team and that it wasn’t “strategic and joyless” for Jeff. And it’s like he’s testing her to see if she’ll break.

4. “Greendale is where I belong.”

Britta has just professed her love for Jeff. And who does he end up with? Not Britta, not Slater, Annie.

5. “You precocious little bitch!”

Hello sexual tension. I just wish Britta would have gotten out of the freaking way!

6. “Either you want me or you don’t, what is it going to be?”

This is the most outright either of them have been about their relationship, mostly from Jeff. And no, he doesn’t directly answer her question, but I think his expression in the last cap after Annie tells him she’s going to ask out Rich is telling enough.

7. “Resolved.”

This was adorable and if Pierce hadn’t interrupted, they would have so would have gone in for the kill.

REVIEW: 2010-2011 Television Season

I have always watched a crap-ton of tv, but this year seemed particularly heavy. I had at least two shows per day Monday thru Thursday and I discovered the brilliance of British television. It’s been a busy television season and on the whole, I’m satisfied with the finales we got.

Shows That Premiered This  Season…

After watching the pilot episode, I stuck with only four shows this year: Being Human, Shameless, Happy Endings and The Walking Dead. I always bitch about how much I hate American remakes of British tv shows…and yet two of them made the list. However, unlike Skins, these remakes are actually good. People have been listing Happy Endings on their comedy Emmy wishlists, and while I think that is a wee bit of a stretch, this show surprised me. Any sitcom revolving around a group of friends is immediately likened to, well, Friends. I found the overall premise of Happy Endings to be relatively weak, but the show definitely improved over the course of its short season.

FAVORITE NEW SHOW: Being Human, hands down. The show just gives such a fresh spin on the whole vamp-werewolf dynamic and it totally holds its own against the U.K. counterpart. Although, it’s official, I can’t stand the Josh/George character aka the werewolf in either version.

Discovered shows already on air…

This year, I discovered so many wonderful programs that are already on air. I love this, because then I have oodles of episodes to watch without an annoying hiatus. Thanks to blogs and mostly Tumblr, I had heard only high praises for the British shows, Misfits and Skins. Misfits is by far one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen and I kind of have a crush on Robert Sheehan. I also randomly stumbled upon The Big Bang Theory bloopers on YouTube and even those made me crack up, which gave me the incentive to blindly purchase the dvds. And it’s amazing. I am making it my mission to attend a taping before I leave LA.

While I am still making my way through Parks and Recreation & 30 Rock, I have to say, I love NBC’s Thursday night comedy line-up. I know I am so late to The Office party, it’s not even funny. Within a course of 4 days, I watched every single episode on Hulu. What can I say? It was a boring finals week. And unlike other fans, I don’t think the show has necessarily lost its mojo, I for one, loved season 6. I caught the last few episodes of season 7 on air and while I do agree that it will be a different program, I think the show has potential to be great without Michael Scott / Steve Carell. One of my roomies always sang the praises of Chuck, so I gave that a try, too. It’s a great dramedy and I kind of have a crush on Zachary Levi, too.

FAVORITE NEW SHOW ALREADY ON AIR: This is such a tough decision because I love each and every one of the programs shown above. But it has to be Community. If Glee gets an Emmy nod and Community doesn’t, there’s officially no justice in the world. Even Community‘s “weaker” episodes are better than most shows’ best. And it’s two-parter paintball season finale was damn near flawless. Community‘s comedic style is exactly my cup of tea and I am officially the biggest Jeff & Annie fan ever. I would normally find a relationship between a 20-year-old girl and a guy who is nearly 40 to be disgusting, but they are absolutely adorbs. And to think I only discovered this gem because it was on sale at Target…I have so much love for Target.

Returning shows…

FAVORITE RETURNING SHOW / BEST OVERALL SEASON: This was really not a tough call, as a lot of these shows had lackluster seasons, The Vampire Diaries. Now, I am not one of those crazy TVD fans who stakes out polls on Entertainment Weekly until TVD reigns supreme, but this season was very strong overall. I am such a fan of Tyler & Caroline and I cannot wait to see where the writers take this storyline. We finally saw some progression in the Stefan / Elena / Damon triangle and Jeremy finally got some lovin’ and a relationship I approve of. No sophomore slump here.

ONE TREE HILL: Much like Glee becoming the Kurt Show at times, One Tree Hill morphed into the Brooke & Julian Show. And I love Brooke and Julian, but it was overkill with the babies. If the network would have let Mark Schwahn & crew do the abortion storyline intended for Brooke in season 4, it would have added another dimension to the fact that she is unable to have children. It just seemed too easy to have Brooke get magically pregnant, with twins no less. I love me some Stephen Colletti, but I think the fact that he is now a series regular says enough. We all know that One Tree Hill should have ended after season 6, if not season 4. Although OTH never racked up high numbers, as a long-time fan, it’s horrible to see how its fallen not only in ratings but in quality.

LIGHTS OUT: I won’t divulge too much because it hasn’t aired on NBC yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. It was the perfect end to a nearly-perfect show. Can we get some Emmy love, pwease?

I generally enjoyed 90210‘s season 3. I think the first half of the season why stronger, but it overall was exponentially better than Gossip Girl. The only thing I really liked about Glee season 2 was the return of Fuinn and we all know how that ended. As for Grey’s, hopefully this season will be its last and it can go out on a high note. It’s already losing its magic, I don’t buy any article that claims Grey’s is having a comeback. Just limit the Calzona, give Alex a substantial love interest, bring back Addison and reunite Mark & Lexie and you’ll be back on track.

So what’s going to be my summer obsession? Well, So You Think You Can Dance, obvi, but I also started watching Six Feet Under today and I’m loving it so far. I am also planning to spend this summer checking out Fringe, Parenthood, Modern Family and The Good Wife.  All I can say is, thank God for Netflix.