RECAP: So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7

I don’t know if I can explain how excited I was May 27th. So You Think You Can Dance was back for another season. Two of my favorites (Billy Bell and Alex Wong) were already shoe-ins for what I assumed would be the Top 20 dancers and Mary Murphy wasn’t screaming aka making me deaf. But no, the bomb that is season seven was dropped on us. After the six weeks of performance shows, I can honestly say this season is turning out to be only a hair better than season sick…six.

Yes, season seven is still airing, but let’s be honest. Kent Boyd has had this competition in the bag since the Vegas week “Believe in yourself because you are THAT good” speech courtesy of Adam Shankman. The only person who could have seriously given Kent a run for his money would have been Alex, and we all know how that turned out. Kent is taking the title with Lauren coming in as runner-up; it’s a toss up between Robert and Adechike for third/fourth; and Jose and Billy are going to be eliminated in the coming week. Mark my words, it’s just going to happen.

I guess I am in the minority, but I have remained a loyal Billy fan throughout this season. After the judges tore down his contemporary (which I actually thought was amazing), he’s hit the bottom three for four weeks now. What the hell America?! He is considerably more talented that Jose and the fact that they are going to leave the same week is messed up. Jose gives it his all and flops, and yet the judges praise him for his effort and his pearly-white grin.¬†Jose could be the poster-boy for Crest, but this is So You Think You Can Dance, not So You Think You Can Smile.

The female contestants were pretty much screwed from the beginning. The show’s primary fan base is tween girls. They’re not going to vote for a slightly awkward/ugly guy who dances well when there’s a charming/good-looking guy who also dances well. Okay I admit, I also fell victim to the boyishly good looks of Neil Haskell and Jason Glover, but I didn’t throw votes their way just because they were pretty to look at.

As a devoted fan since season two, I cannot help but say the past two seasons of SYTYCD have been extremely lackluster. Sure, there were stars…but there were also duds. Big duds. In my mind, there have only been a few standout routines (exhibits A, B, and C.) I’m predicting a terribly bare-boned tour. How exactly are they going to do routines with only a handful of All-Stars and only two people from Season Six? The new stage makes it hard to connect with the dancers and as much as I love seeing Neil again, this whole All-Star thing was not a good idea.

Nigel, oh Nigel, let go of Jose. I really don’t see the reason why he is still in the competition, if not only to make the other contestants look good in comparison.