Au revoir, Teddy

Trevor Donovan aka Teddy on 90210 will not be returning as a regular for season 4. Instead he will have roughly a 5-episode arc before he says goodbye. And to my surprise, I’m actually upset.

In season 2, I downright hated Teddy. He further tore apart my hopes of ever seeing a Silver / Dixon reunion, I thought Trevor Donovan was a highly unbelievable actor and there’s something about watching a then 30-year-old pretending to be a high school student that’s a bit unnerving.

Everything changed in season three.

Well, not at first. When it came out that one of the 90210 males would be, well, coming out, the last character I wanted it to be was Teddy. Not because I thought it would be out of line for his womanizing character for anything like that, but because Trevor wouldn’t be able to pull it off. And I was so wrong. And it was unfair that all of the cute guys (minus Liam) went to Teddy.

Out of all the main storylines in season three: Naomi & Mr. Cannon, Naomi & Max, the horrid Adrianna-Navid-Silver triangle and Liam & Annie, Teddy’s journey to acceptance was by far the best (and this is coming from an extreme Lannie fan). The way it was written and portrayed was perfectly done. I actually preferred Teddy’s storyline over Kurt’s on Glee. It wasn’t pushed in your face, rushed or overdone and it proved that *shocker* 90210 can be great when it wants to. Here’s a nice recap video.

But what I think really made the story work was the chemistry between Trevor & Kyle Riabko who played Ian and later Freddie Smith who played Marco. In the episode “Best Lei’d Plans” when Teddy finally confesses that he likes Ian, I was actually giddy. And the subsequent episodes were just as good. Teddy & Ian’s break-up was upsetting because Ian’s actions were completely out of character and was obviously just a means to let Kyle pursue his pilot. And watching Teddy cry literally broke my heart. Luckily, while I liked their relationship less, the 90210 team still struck gold with Marco & Teddy.

So, au revoir, Teddy. I never thought I’d say this, but Teddy Montgomery, you will be missed.


JMC119, you nasty whore. Thank you for taking over my life and making me pull two all-nighters in a single week. It’s a pretty big deal when I am willing to forgo my usual television watching routine to work on a project. For me, 7-9 p.m. is a sacred, untouchable time. Nothing and I mean nothing is going to keep me from watching my shows. I should get some major brownie points for my self-control. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call growth. And of course, once my schedule is finally free, it’s time for the winter hiatus. So I’m left with a bunch of lingering questions that won’t get answered for one to two months. Lovely.

I have a lot of catching up to do, so bear with me here…

I’m going to start with 90210. I am not even ashamed to tell people that I am obsessed with this show anymore. This season has been so good and I’m not easy to please. I still can’t stand Ivy, which I come to realize is mostly because of her name, but I am now such a fan of Teddy it’s not even funny. Last season, I hated Teddy with a fiery passion. He was the pawn that was going to ruin the already strained Dixon/Silver dynamic and I was not going to have that. But ever since the character of Ian was introduced, Teddy has become one of my favorites. And now that Teddy and I have finally made peace, I hear that Ian is leaving and a jock named Marco is going to be Teddy’s new boyfriend. Way to go writers, ruin my good mood.

90210’s fall season ended very nicely for me this past Monday. The entire forty and some odd minutes were loaded with cheese wiz and figgy puddings. Liam told Annie he loved her, Teddy finally fully came out to Ian, Naomi chose chicks over dicks and honored her friendship with Ivy instead of going for it with Oscar and Navid and Silver continued the typical 90210 pattern of constant cheating by succumbing to their built-up feelings and engaging in a lip-lock. For me, Oscar is only tolerable when he’s with Naomi. So either pair them up or kick him out. Silver with anyone but Dixon just doesn’t sit right with me and Navid…well, I’m sorry, but Joe Jonas > You. Oh and what about that cliffhanger? Naomi’s too busy turning Oscar down to realize that Mr. Cannon is back and is hiding in her house. I fully admit that that caught me completely off guard. Naomi seems pretty feisty, the girl could probably take Creeper Cannon down.

What am I hoping for second half of season three? Well, limited screen time for Ivy would be a great start.  But I’m sensing this won’t happen, so I’ll start with the more attainable items: I’d like to see Annie and Liam try to make it as a real couple. This, of course, would require Annie dumping Liam’s half-brother, Charlie and having a Charlie-free spring would make me very happy. He’s basically a less attractive version of Dr. Avery on Grey’s with a smoker’s voice.  Writers, please keep Teddy and Ian together at least for a few episodes.  Kyle Riabko aka Ian is way too good to be written off…*cough* make him a regular *cough*.  Now that Adrianna’s been exposed, I hope this means that stick that’s been up her ass for the past month has finally been yanked out. She’s going to have to be on her A-game once she realizes that one of her best friends and her boyfriend have been swapping spit behind her back. And can Dixon actually get a storyline? Now onto my more unrealistic wishes: Send Ivy and her scarily-identical mother out of Beverly Hills and somehow find a way to bring Silver out of her disturbing Navid-daze and put her back with Dixon. These are relatively simple requests and it would make one of your few fans happy.

I will leave you with my five favorite moments so far of 90210’s third season. If you are currently not watching this show, please put aside your judgments and give it a chance. It’s not brilliant by any means, but 90210 is definitely my current guilty pleasure show.


RECAP: 90210, The Bachelors

So…when did 90210 start kicking some serious ass? Monday’s episode was so good; I actually enjoyed it more than Gossip Girl. The episode was reminiscent of the Boy Toy Auction in One Tree Hill, but I can overlook that fact. I repeat, 90210 has started its third season off awesomely. Granted 90210 only racked up 1.79 million viewers this week, but it’s seriously the best show you are probably not watching right now.

This week’s episode, “The Bachelors” was chock full of hot issues currently swamping our society. Intolerance, drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, money problems, selling your eggs for cash…so maybe that one’s a stretch. Naomi kind of took the backseat in this episode, which I was all for. Her character isn’t quite my favorite and that meant that we didn’t have to see creepy Mr. Cannon on our screens this week. Although it looks like the girls are planning an attack on Cannon next week to make him confess. This shall be interesting.

I think that 90210 is handling Teddy’s storyline very well. He’s not handling it very well i.e. the homophobic slur, but in light of the recent suicides, it’s nice to see the issue presented with an equal level of acceptance by the rest of the peach pit crew. Ian is such a cutie and I can’t wait for him to have a bigger role in future, assuming that Teddy comes to grips with reality.

Sasha aka Bitch on Wheels is back with news for Dixon: she’s HIV positive. Seeing as Dixon was planning on doing the nasty with Ivy later that night, that’s got to be the ultimate mood killer. I think it’s safe to say that Ivy didn’t end up cashing in her V-card just yet. Shame. Speaking of cashing in, Annie’s getting paid the princely sum of $20,000 for her special homemade eggs in the hopes of helping her family escape economic ruin.

Liam moves in with the Wilsons where he mysteriously develops an extreme thirst and a tendency to walk around shirtless. Not complaining. We also get another surprising revelation that Annie’s new boyfriend is Liam’s half-brother. Liam immediately reverts back to his brooding bad boy self claiming that he isn’t the right guy for Annie. Are you on your period Liam? You were cooking her dinner 2.5 seconds ago…

I hope 90210 can keep up this string of super-quality episodes. The series is constantly on the brink of being cancelled every year despite the fact it keeps getting better and better every year. Seriously, check out the revamp of the old classic. You won’t regret it.