Why I Will Never Be a Fan of Pacey / Joey

While surfing the web, I came across a list of “TV Couples That Should Have Never Gotten Together.” Included on this list was one my ultimate OTP’s, Dawson and Joey. And no. Just no. This is entire site is hereby discredited by this severe lapse in judgment.

Not only did this particular couple have the most epic love story (rivaled only by Brooke and Lucas of One Tree Hill), despite not ending up together, they got the most beautiful swan song of any star-crossed pair in television history. At least in my eyes they did, but I am rather biased. I admit it.

DJ are soul mates. Plain and simple. She pined over him for years before the lights turned on and he realized they’re meant to be. They see the best in each other when others don’t. She’s the stereotypical girl-next-door with a tomboy streak and he’s the aspiring filmmaker who lives in a fantasy world. Separately, I find them unlikeable and giant pain-in-the-asses. Together they are perfect. Greatest best friends turned lovers storyline ever? I think so.

I will never be a Pacey & Joey supporter. I would even hold up well under torture. PJ are oil and water. That relationship should have drowned to death in the creek as soon as it started. She’s too good for him and he’ll only weigh her down.  They constantly had to reassure the other of their feelings. He made her feel like crap. She made him feel like crap. PJ were fine as frenemies, in fact, I found them wildly entertaining. But as a match made in heaven? Not in my world.

The other reason why I think I’m so vehemently against this pairing is because Pacey and Andie together was my favorite. And they rewrote a lot of history in season four to make it look like Joey was Pacey’s savior. Andie helped him get his first A. Andie made him feel special and loved despite his father’s misgivings. It was Andie who gave him a reason to get up in the morning. Ok. She cheated on him. I get that. But I really don’t believe that a group of talented writers weren’t able to find another purpose for Andie other than to hook her up with Dawson. Her mental illness? Estranged relationship with her father? Her extreme perfectionism? Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

Dawsons is my favorite show of all-time. DJ is my favorite couple of all-time. I am prepared to rant and bitch for hours on end. Bring it on, PJers, I’m not going down without a fight.

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