Why Glee Needs to Get Some Female Writers STAT

This is something that has been irking me for a while and I finally need to get it off my chest: Glee really needs to get some female writers, pronto. The female characters on the show are written horribly and come off as shallow, manipulative and unnecessarily bitchy. The glee club has turned into this mass-orgy of failed relationships, mostly due to the girls’ infidelity. (This, of course, excludes Mercedes who hasn’t had a love interest yet…oh right, she has an affinity for tots. The bigger girl who eats her feelings…wow, that’s not stereotypical or anything)

Let’s see here…

  • Quinn cheated on Finn with Puck; and she cheated on Sam with Finn
  • Rachel kissed Finn while he was dating Quinn and she made out with Puck while she was still with Finn
  • Tina presumably cheated on Artie with Mike
  • Santana and Brittany have been hooking up behind Artie & Sam’s back. It doesn’t matter if “the plumbing’s different,” cheating is still cheating in my book.

Finn’s cheated on Quinn and he encouraged her to cheat on Sam. But has he ever been called out for it? No. Double standard? I’m thinking hell yes.

But what I really want to address is the complete character assassinations of Quinn & Rachel. I’m not a Rachel or Finchel fan by any means, but the way Rachel has been written post-break up is the epitome of the crazy desperate ex-girlfriend. We have seen that Rachel is going to be a star and (in my opinion) that’s something she needs to accomplish solo. Finn does not share the same goals as her. The only person I can see Rachel working with in the long run is Jesse. Leave my Fuinn alone.

According to some spoilers, in a forthcoming episode Finn goes on a stakeout with Rachel because he thinks that Quinn is cheating on him with Sam. Really RIB? Really?! The Fuinn relationship has only ever been used as a prop for Finchel, making Quinn come off as this nasty, controlling, shallow person who only cares about her popularity. If last season was a testament to anything, we saw that Quinn was so much more than the blonde, bitchy head cheerleader. But this would require continuity, another important aspect of television that Glee not-so-gracefully ignores. Quinn became a much stronger, independent and caring person before she gave birth to Beth. Whatever growth she might have had last season has now been fully erased. She seemingly only dated Sam in order to get back at the top of the social pyramid and now she’s “using” Finn to be crowned prom queen. I use parentheses here because I want to believe that she’s not. But knowing RIB like I do, this will probably not be the case.

It is perfectly possible for couples to break up mutually or for any other reason really than cheating. Why do the guys come off smelling like roses when they’ve done an equal amount of damage to the relationship?

Dear RIB aka Glee Gods, this is a formal request for some estrogen in your writing room. I know us, female viewers, would appreciate it.

RECAP: Glee, Duets

Welcome back, Glee. You have come back to the greatness we all knew you were capable of. The return of the witty one-liners, quality songs that did the originals justice and the classic humor we have come to know and love totally made up for the absence of Sue Sylvester and the lackluster previous three episodes.


I am loving Sam Evans. Chord Overstreet handles comedy very well, he has a nice voice, I actually don’t mind his bleached-blonde Bieber hairdo, and hellooooo six pack.

But most surprising of all, I really don’t care whether he is paired with Quinn or with Kurt. Shocking? I know. His scenes with Quinn were adorable and yeah, Puck is going to kick his ass. But there was something just so sweet about the two of them (even though they look like they could be siblings…new storyline?), “Lucky” was pure cotton candy and the boy is a smooth talker. Except for the whole speaking Na’vi thing, it might be a little early to show that much of your inner geek.

Sam’s scenes with Kurt weren’t even overly awkward. The shower scene might have been a tad too much, but the dude was definitely flirting back…add that to the lingering glances during their performances and it makes me think that Quinn and Sam might not be going on many more dates…Sam said he went to an all-boys school, maybe they’ll pull a One Tree Hill and we find out that he left because word got out he played for the other team?


You know it’s a good episode of Glee when Rachel doesn’t make me want to reach through the television screen and slap her. Their rendition of “With You I’m Born Again” was rememberable to say the least and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was pumped full of the typical cheesewiz and cutsie moments. Pardon me while I gag.


The rest of the club ended up in a huge love pentagon. Some Santana/Brittany action finally made it to the screen, which was a complete déjà vu of, season one Nip / Tuck. Santana tells Brittany she’s only with her because Puck is in juvie, to make her jealous Brittany deflowers Artie to help him get over Tina, who is still in the Asian Fusion with Mike. Confused yet?

And then there’s Mercedes, who apparently gets no love. But her “River Deep, Mountain High” duet with Santana was catchy and watching the club’s reaction to their booty bounce was certainly amusing.

Of course as soon as things take a turn for the better, the show goes away for two weeks. I’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Show, but from what I’ve heard this is the kind of thing that makes the execs at the FOX Network freak. Shall be interesting.


Last month, if you would have told me I would have both Glee soundtracks and all of the available episodes on my iPod, I would have laughed in your face. Ever since the commercials for Glee began appearing last year, I outright refused to watch it. During high school I despised show choir, although this may be because due to my lack of vocal talent, I was denied entry. The idea of sitting through an hour-long program singing the praises of show choir and “gleeks” seemed to be the epitome of my own personal hell. Boy was I wrong.

Glee is the story of the McKinley High School glee club and season one is currently focusing on the road to the national show choir competition. The show features an ensemble cast all of which have been required to display their prowess at dancing, singing, and acting. At times the acting can be a bit questionable and unbelievable, but the singing level is definitely the high point for this cast. If like me, you are on the fence about Glee, it’s worth a watch for the music alone…and for Cory Monteith / Mark Salling of course.

Okay, the highlight of Glee is definitely the music. The casts’ voices blend together and create the perfect ensemble. Check out their renditions of “Don’t Stop Believin'” and my personal favorite, “True Colors”. Glee also knows how to tug on the heartstrings of emotional wrecks like myself. If you don’t shed a tear while Finn sings “I’ll Stand By You” to the sonogram of (what he believes is) his unborn baby, you’re heartless. It was extremely touching. Glee also blends together comedy and drama quite seamlessly, thanks in a large part to Golden Globe nominated actress Jane Lynch, who stars as Sue Sylvester, the coach of the cheerleading squad who is determined to see the demise of the glee club and its director, Will Schuester, played by fellow Golden Globe nominee Matthew Morrison. Another thing Glee has going for it is a brilliant mind behind the scenes. The show was created by Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind Nip/Tuck and Popular.

If I have any gripe with Glee, it’s the cliched-ness of it. The jock who wants to be both an athlete and a performer, um High School Musical anyone? (I love you, Cory, but you are in no way Zac Efron). The typical teen pregnancy story line. The underdogs defying all odds to become winners. The ditsy blonde cheerleader. But in the end, I’m forced to come to terms that this show was created with the purpose to portray all of these things. The show is meant to be a source of hope and inspiration for all the geeks of the world, or according to Ryan Murphy at the Golden Globes, “to anyone who ever got a wedgie in high school.”

I do not admit I am wrong often. Sudden opinion changes like this happen maybe once a…scratch that…NEVER. So to gleeks every where, I am officially part of your posse. I cannot believe I am here.

photo credit: daydreaming television screencaps