Fall TV Premieres I’m Looking Forward To (Returning Shows)

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that this blog used to largely be a television and movie blog. I had a roster of 20ish shows that I watched religiously every week and any extra money would be spent on dvds of my favorites. Obviously, things have changed since then. I still have a fair amount of shows that I follow, but like books, I’ve also learned to let go. Which is why shows like Modern Family, Grey’s, and Empire have fallen by the wayside.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FXX
(September 5, Wednesdays @ 9)

Sunny is hands down my favorite comedy on tv these days, and while the earlier seasons have been (in my opinion) more consistently funny, I still look forward to tuning in every week and laughing uncontrollably at inappropriate things. Hopefully the decreased presence of Dennis will still bring the same hilarity.

How to Get Away With Murder, ABC
(September 27, Thursdays @ 9)

It’s inevitable that like Grey’s and Scandal, I will one day become tired of this Shondaland show, but I’m still hooked. They’ve gotten away with their, what, 15th murder now and I’m just as invested as ever. But a large part of that has to do with Connor Walsh/Jack Falahee and whoever the new guy is who is playing Annalise’s son. Because, hello, EYE CANDY.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW
(October 12, Fridays @ 8)

I will continue to defend this show to death. CXG has one of the most accurate portrayals of mental illness on television and speaks truths about topics that many would shy away from. See: period sex, generalizing men, and healthy sperm. It’s not Santino, but I’m also excited for the return of Greg, if not just for hearing Skylar Astin’s beautiful voice again.  Also, click here for a list of my top 5 favorite songs to date.

Supergirl, The CW
(October 14, Sundays @ 7)

I still enjoy The Flash, but Supergirl is definitely my fave of The CW’s superhero shows. And in recent years, but love was only exacerbated by the appearance of Mon-El/Karamel. But since Chris Wood is sadly no longer a regular, I am hoping my interest in this show stays. Although, I do agree with the general consensus that Kara shouldn’t need a love interest. She’s freaking Supergirl.

The Resident, FOX
(September 24, Mondays @ 8)

I fully admit to only have started this show because of Matt Czuchry—but in the void that Grey’s has left me, The Resident shot to my current favorite medical drama. I like The Good Doctor, but after hearing some dissenting opinions about the portrayal of autism, it’s made me feel somewhat uncomfortable to watch. This show, however, is just pure soapy fun and I’m also very invested in Conrad/Nic.

Fall 2015 Review

I started this fall tv season in good spirits. Each fall I watch every pilot episode (sometimes more) in the hopes of finding my next big obsession. I’m currently a loyal viewer of around 20 on-air shows (yes, that number is correct) and I’m always looking to add to my collection. But unfortunately I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by this year’s crop of new shows. The premise to Quantico is interesting, but I only lasted two episodes. I tried to like Blindspot, but the whole tattoo thing is very Prison Break and I’m biased.  I loved the movie, Minority Report, but I gave up on the show after three episodes. I’ve only added three new shows to my repertoire and they can all arguably fall under the “guilty pleasure” category. Ok. They all definitely do.

Basically as the annoying little sister network, The CW constantly gets a bad rap. A show getting 3 million viewers on a main network would be grounds for cancellation, while it’s considered a hit for The CW. I really wanted to hate Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I really did. The basic premise, not to mention the show title, sounds like something I typically aim to avoid: Girl moves across the country to be close to an ex-boyfriend. But I can’t help it: I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This is a surprising turn of events since characters like Rebecca give me so much secondhand embarrassment that I end up muting the entire program (RIP, Glee). In the words of Chandler Bing, Rebecca is “hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love” and it’s a car crash I can’t help but enjoy watching. Plus, who doesn’t love random musical numbers? (again, RIP Glee).

I’m a sucker for superhero origin shows. I’m in the midst of a great Smallville rewatch and I’m currently a fan of The Flash. So, I had a good idea that I was going to like Supergirl. Is it too early to petition a Tom Welling/Superman cameo? Because I’d be all for that. Melissa Benoist plays a very likeable Kara Danvers, who is starting out on her superhero journey.  I’m still on the fence of whether I’m a supporter of Kara/James or Kara/Winn, but I’m enjoying the ride thus far.

Finally, Scream Queens. With all promo this show got over the summer, I had pretty high expectations. And like most of the reviews that I read, my expectations were nowhere near met. The premise is ridiculous. The dialogue is ridiculous. The characters are over-the-top and mostly unlikeable. But I don’t care, I’m hooked and ready for the season finale tonight. I still think the dad is the Red Devil, we’ll see.