What I’m Loving Wednesday: 3/25/15

Fighting writer’s block with something I’ve seen some other blogs do: what I’m loving right now!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: If you have access to Netflix, add this to your queue right now. If you don’t have access to Netflix, steal someone’s password and add this to your queue right now. UKS is a little comedic gem. The premise may seem silly (A woman who has been kept underground as part of a doomsday cult is rescued and moves to New York City), the cast is brill and the writing is sharp. And it’s from Tina Fey. That alone should be enough of a reason to watch this show.

Community: Four out of the original Greendale Seven returned to the [laptop] screen last Tuesday and made me remember why I am still in love with this show. The last two-three seasons have been at times lackluster, but I am still a loyal viewer to the little show that could. Do I miss Troy and Shirley and *gasp* Pierce? Sure. But I was definitely impressed with how the writers handled the first two episodes. And I was nostalgic and went back and watched seasons 1-3 and laughed like a maniac. Check out season 6 on Yahoo Screen.

Ombré hairstyles: I attempted an ombre this past week and it turned out red. Yes, I am a ginger Asian now. So I am so jealous of those celebs with dark hair that are currently pulling it off. See below, Shay Mitchell and Jamie Chung. Super jealous.

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Thought Catalog: For the past few months I’ve attempted to write a column to contribute to this amazing online pub, and I haven’t succeeded. I’ve found several articles that I’ve passed along to friends and they’ve all been super moved by the content. (This one in particular) Like the name suggests, Thought Catalog has such a great collection of stories about people and their lives. Maybe one day I’ll get a byline. A girl can dream.

Fifth Harmony, Reflection: I’m a sucker for boybands. I’m a sucker for girlbands. I’m a sucker for good pop music. I let myself get sucked into Little Mix and now I’m loving their American twin, Fifth Harmony. The music isn’t anything too special, just your bread and butter boppy pop, but it’s becoming a staple in my early morning and afternoon drives. Check out “Worth It” or “Top Down” and bob your head accordingly.