Top 5 OMGWTF Lost Moments

Lost has been off the air for more than a year now and I still miss its presence. I truly miss having my brain rocked every Tuesday and then having to immediately log on to Lostpedia to figure out what the hell happened. So, in honor of one of my most favorite shows ever, here are the moments that literally made yell, “WHAT?!” at the screen…and as always, click the banners for video.

5. Not Penny’s boat

I floved Charlie. So for me, watching him die was one of most upsetting moments of Lost. Especially since he didn’t have to lock himself in the room before Patchy launched the grenade.

4. Jin is “dead.”

The entire Ji Yeon episode tricked us into thinking that both Sun & Jin made it off the Island and they were going to live happily ever after with their little girl. But sadly, the adorably huge panda stuffed animal was not for his future daughter and Sun and Hurley brought Ji Yeon to his grave. Then watching Jin supposedly blow-up with the freighter in the season finale was heartbreaking. Sun’s scream seriously just echoes in your ears. Of course, he doesn’t die, but at the time it was still shocking.

3. “We have to go back!”

I never thought the Losties were ever going to get off the Island, and if they did it would be in the series finale. Obviously the season 3 finale shattered all of those expectations with the first flash-forward, which revealed a very chic-looking Kate and a druggie, beard-sporting, alcoholic Jack.

2. “Where the hell is the Island?!”

Ben turns a frozen donkey-wheel deep underground. There’s an eerie noise and a violently bright light and poof! The Island’s gone. WTF.

1. Locke in the coffin

I was so sure that in true Lost fashion, there was going to be a fade-to-black before we actually saw who was in the coffin. So yes, I was one of those people who stupidly followed the camera, leaning over the side of my couch, as if THAT would help me see who was inside. And when I realized they were actually going to show it and it was Locke, I was floored.

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