vamps are creeps.

After watching the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries last night  (side note: check out this show, it’s so bad it’s good), I’ve decided that vampires are truly creeps of nature. My overly organized roommate attempted to keep count of the creepy stares from our favorite vamp, Damon Salvatore, but this proved to be impossible. Damon was simply too creepy for us to keep track. Whether it’s staring so transfixed at someone that they appear constipated or watching their next victim sleep, vampires in pop culture these days are getting a bad rep for being total creepers. Let’s take this Damon character for example: Damon is your typical several hundred year old vampire who has no ounce of remorse for the deaths of his countless victims. He follows his fellow vampire brother, Stefan, to the town of Mystic Falls where he sets his sights on Elena Gilbert, his brother’s girlfriend. So he decides that the best way to lure Elena away from Stefan is to stare creepily across the quad, plant dreams of himself in her head, and to stroke her hair while she sleeps. Great plan, buddy. But I do have to admit, actor Ian Somerhalder has a smoldering creeping glare.

Even the vampire who has stolen the hearts of countless teens across the world has creepy stalker tendencies. Second example: Edward Cullen. Okay, Eddie, I understand that you’ve been waiting over a hundred years to find your better half, but I’m pretty sure that sneaking into her room at night and watching her sleep wasn’t acceptable behavior in the swinging 1900s, and guess what? It still isn’t now. I don’t really have a point to this diatribe, but this vampiric creepiness does make for good entertainment. So I’ll layoff Damon and Edward for the time being, but I know this will change as soon as I settle down to watching next Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries or wait in line with the masses for the midnight premiere of New Moon in November. Let the creepiness begin.Ciao, Kate.
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