What I’m Thankful For | 2017 Edition

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Happy Turkey Day (or for me, Happy Spaghetti Day), dear Americans!

I think we can all agree that this year has been hard, but we’re almost done, peeps! We made it! I think every day we’re all in need of some sort of escape, and I’m thankful for the following things for doing that for me…

Thank you…

  • YA Fantasy Authors for getting me into fantasy books for the first time since Harry Potter (and in that vein…)
  • Latinx music artists for upping the ante this year. I am loving all the Spanish in mainstream pop.
  • Tyler Posey, please stay on Jane the Virgin for forever.
  • Harry Potter for still being awesome after all these years and helping me fall asleep every night.
  • Ben Platt for his role in DEAR EVAN HANSEN. Thank you for playing a character with anxiety so accurately and compassionately and absolutely making my summer trip to NYC.
  • Jem Carstairs for being the ultimate book boyfriend. I wish I could claim you as my parabatai.
  • The CW for proving that Friday night programming can actually be quality. PS Everyone go watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin.
  • This Is Us & Stranger Things for beating that pesky sophomore slump. I’m SO invested in both shows right now. Shout out to Joe Keery and his fabulous hair.
  • Wonder Woman for being the first superhero film that I’ve actually liked in a long time. And Gal Gadot for just kicking ass in general.
  • Zac Efron for making a musical again and making my teenaged dreams come true.
  • Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan for each having AMAZING solo releases. People make fun of me less for still being a #1 1D STAN.
  • Dashboard Confessional for FINALLY releasing new music!!


  • Every single publisher that has sent me books or approved my read requests. I am so incredibly happy to get more involved in the publishing world.


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